Stainless Steel Trivia and Facts

Stainless SteelStainless steel is considered one of the most durable and long-lasting building material today. It is commonly used in many industries and in various types of work. There are a lot of benefits to be experienced from using tools or materials made of stainless steel.

But did you know that…

– there are many different types of steel including stainless steel, galvanized steel and carbon steel

– steel is an important alloy (combination of metals) that is created from a mixture of metals, mostly iron

– some stainless steel can be magnetic, depending on its microstructure

– stainless steel is recyclable because its main alloying elements (chromium, nickel and molybdenum) are all highly valuable and can be easily be recovered and separated from other materials

– stainless steel can be made into soap to neutralize or reduce strong odors as a result of handling fish, garlic, and onion

– stainless steel still expands and contracts when the temperature varies

– stainless steel can be manufactured into metallic fibers, which can be woven and worn

These are just some of the common facts and interesting details about stainless steel you may have just probably known. Now you know that stainless steel is not just used for building and construction projects.

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The Perks Of Using Wooden Storage Containers

EasyTruckMobileStorageWhen it comes to storage units, most individuals choose units that are made from durable materials such as concrete and steel. However, some experts claim that wooden storage containers can provide better benefits than its counterparts. To know more, below are some of the perks of using wooden storage containers.

Cheaper than other storage materials

One of the main benefit of wooden storage is it is cheaper than other storage materials. Of course, steel and concrete are expensive. But, these items ensure that your belongings are safely stored. However, for a more practical option, some individuals prefer wood since it can also hold heavy items easily.

Easy to move

The next benefit of making use of wooden storage is individuals can easily move the units from one place to another, which is not applicable for concrete and steel storage units.

Space efficient

Another benefit of making use of wooden storage is individuals can save substantial space. When using wooden storage, individuals can stack these units easily. Because of this, storing items can be better.

Environment friendly

Lastly, wooden storage units are more environment-friendly. Other than that, individuals can repurpose these storage units into unique decorative items at home such as cabinets.

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Expressed Contract Vs. Implied Contract

agree-1728448_960_720Whenever you engage into something that will involve a significant amount of your resources, it is wise to get a contract. There are actually 2 types of contracts – expressed and implied. Do you know their differences?

Expressed Contract – This states the promises in a very clear language. The elements are specifically stated. An expressed contract will contain 6 important elements – an offer, an acceptance of the offer, capacity, consideration, mutual assent, and legally accepted terms.

Implied Contract – This type of contract works differently. It involves actions or behaviors leading parties to believe that there is an existing agreement. It evolves if no written contract is present, but situations might cause one person to be unjustly enriched as a result of their actions. It has 2 types – implied in fact and implied in law.

  • If you arrive at a spa for your usual massage, it’s expected that you’ll pay for the services rendered. This is considered an implied in fact contract.
  • Implied in law contract, on the other hand, is oftentimes regarded as not a contract at all. Hence, the law provides them a very clever name such as quasi-contracts. It is for this very reason that the law will determine if this type of contract existed after performance or non-performance so they can decide if one party can collect payment for a service they delivered.

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Some Weird Things Ever Found In Storage Units

belgium-1601920_960_720Among the modern-day treasure chests are abandoned storage units. Based on Auction Hunters, a reality show documenting the world of storage unit auctions, there were over 50,000 abandoned storage units in America in 2011. These units held about $1B worth of items.

Things Found Inside Abandoned Storage Units

A submarine car of James Bond – A man paid less than $100 to purchase the contents of a storage unit in 1989 at a facility in Long Island. When he opened it, he found a white sports car covered in blankets. He later found out that this was one of the submarine cars operated by James Bond in his movie “The Spy Who Loved Me.” How it ended up in Long Island is still a mystery. The car was later on bought by Elon Musk, the Tesla founder, at auction for about $1M.

The first ever Superman comic – In 2011, a man bought the contents of a storage locker in San Fernando Valley and found the first Superman Comic inside. He wanted to sell it; however, it was later found out that it has been stolen from Nicholas Cage’s home in 2000. The actor bought the book in 1995 at $1M.

Memories of Burt Reynolds – The actor acquires memorabilia and collected artifacts from his life routinely. And he store such items in storage units. In 1999, he defaulted on payments so the contents of his unit were put up for auction. But a group banded together by purchasing many of the items. They created the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum so that fans around the world can see things like Reynold’s honorary sheriff’s badges.

A burglar – Ronald Dennis wanted to steal from storage units in St. Joseph, Mo. While he was filling his bags with loot inside the storage unit, a security guard outside saw that the door was open. Because he cannot open the door further, he shut the door instead. Hence, Dennis was trapped inside. When the same guard heard Dennis attempting to escape, he called the police.

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Fun Job Hunting Facts To Keep You Motivated

interviewSo you’ve made up your mind and are finally looking to change career. Or maybe, you just started to build it up. If looking for a job were as easy as making that decision, wouldn’t it be awesome? However, it’s not. Searching for a new career can be really tough.

It may look quite easy to search for a job with all the job postings online, however, did you know that the majority of jobs in the market aren’t being advertised online? To help you get into a better mood, boost your motivation and help you achieve, here are some fun facts about job hunting.

In 2012, there were over 3.6 million job openings and 80% of this number were never advertised.

  • This means spending most of your time scouring the internet for possible job opportunities aren’t enough. You need to go out there and talk to other humans.

Knowing someone from a company can get you hired.

  • Today, more and more companies are relying on the network of their existing employees. This ensures that the company hires someone who “get it” and who will click with the current staff.

Recruitment consultants gives you higher chances.

  • Recruitment consultants are expert in the field of matching their clients to a suitable job. Additionally, recruitment consultants have good relationship with a lot of companies in a wide range of niche, while these companies also trust them to get the best talent possible for their current vacancies.

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Mackenziejones.Com – The Website that Helps Job Seekers and Business Owners Find Their Perfect Match

becomeAre you currently looking for job opportunities in Dubai? Or perhaps looking to hire the right team for your organization?

If you answered YES on one of those questions above, then you are on the right page.

If you’re a job seeker looking to be employed in the UAE, you might find it very difficult to land a job that matches your knowledge and skills. On the other hand, if you’re the business owner currently looking for someone to complete your organization, you also find it very hard to hire the person best suited for your job requirement.

At, this is the problem they want to solve. In fact, they have already found the solution. And that is by helping job seekers and business owners find their perfect match.

Brief Background of Mackenziejones.comabout-us

The company started more than ten years ago. It was founded in the United Kingdom in 2003. This recruitment consulting firm was the first of its kind in the MENA region.  You’ll read more details on their About Us Page.

Meet their Team of Consultantsteam

The team is composed of talented and experienced consultants in various departments.  Currently, they have a total of 16 departments with no more than 4 members in each department.

They have the Leadership team headed by David Mackenzie, who is also the founder and managing director. Then Jasvinder Sanger, the head of the financial functions of the company, and David Flemming, the Business Development Director.leadership-team

Check out on each of their team through their Consultants Page.

What Makes Them Different from Other Consulting Firms

The very nice thing about them is that they take time in knowing the needs and goals of each of their clients and candidates and maintain their relationships with them. They keep them well informed about new opportunities.

They believe that building successful relationships all start with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of both parties.

They pride themselves in providing exceptional services to both their clients and candidates. And by exceptional it means successful long term placements.

Courtesy, transparency, and Honesty form part of their core values. You may also check their Testimonials Page to verify their reputation.testimonials

Find your Perfect Matchcontact-us

Job Seekers – Find the company that truly needs your qualifications and can take your career further.

Business Owners – Find the most qualified candidate for the job. Meet the people who are able to take your business further.

Contact one of their recruitment team now.

Ease Up Your Tension When Planning Your Wedding With These Fun Facts

captureBeing engaged, no matter if it has already been years or just a couple of days, to get to this exact moment, one needs to think back to how far you’ve come. How many troubles, challenges and happy moments you’ve been through together. And now, you are about to toss the bouquet and the garter. To help you ease up the tension of planning your wedding day, read through these fun facts about weddings.

  • In the US, a bride does not necessarily have to take the groom’s last name. However, studies show that 70% of Americans agree that a bride should change their last name.
  • In states, failing to tell your spouse about any venereal disease or physical impairment can void the marriage such as impotence and infertility.
  • In eastern culture, white is the color of mourning. Thus, white wedding dresses are uncommon.
  • The top wedding destination in the world is Las Vegas with 100,000 weddings a year. This is followed by Hawaii at 25,000 weddings a year.
  • Flower girls throw petals in a brides to lead her to a sweet plentiful future.
  • To symbolize prosperity, fertility, and bounty, rice are thrown at weddings.
  • The average number of guests in the US during a wedding is 175.

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Some Employee Engagement Facts You Must Know

picture6Employee engagement is regarded as the key to a healthy, happy business. It is all about getting your staff devotedly engaged in their work. If you get it right, they will definitely be committed to strive harder so your organization’s objectives will be achieved and your reputation enhanced.

Interesting Facts About Employee Engagement

Only 13% of employees around the world feel engaged at work. This means that only a small number of employees are committed to their jobs and are most likely to be making positive contributions to their organizations.

Preventable turnover is very expensive. How much exactly does preventable turnover cost employers today? In Canada, $62 million is the annual price tag for a business with 10,000 employees. In the U.S., it is $75 million.

There is a higher engagement levels in some business sectors. Employees who are working in not-for-profit organizations were more engaged based on a 2011 Canadian study. Those working in government reported the lowest rate of employee engagement.

Relationships are very crucial. In the U.S., about 84% of employees claim their relationship with their boss is the top determining factor for them to perform well at work. This is according to the National Business Research Institute.

Post-secondary education does not guarantee happiness among employees. Those with a college degree are less likely to report having an engaging, positive experience at work than those who are less-educated.

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Fascinating Facts About Aerial Photography’s History

10250309_1452278695015330_2345759870751603684_nIn 1858, the first known aerial photograph was taken by Gaspar Felix Tournachon aka “Nadar”, a French photographer and balloonist. In 1855, he patented the idea of using aerial photographs in surveying and mapmaking; however, it took him 3 years to experiment before becoming successful at producing the very first aerial photograph.

But Nadar’s no longer survive. Hence, the oldest aerial photography known to be still existent is an image of Boston taken by James Wallace Black from a hot-air balloon in 1960. In 1879, the first free flight balloon photo mission was performed by Triboulet over Paris.

Improvements In Photography Technology

In 1882, E. D. Archibald successfully took photographs from kites. He made use of a string of kites, with the camera attached to the last.

In 1903, Julius Neubranner invented a tiny breast-mounted camera for carrier pigeons. The camera can be set to take automatic exposures at 30-second intervals while the pigeon flies.

In 1897, Alfred Nobel took the first successful aerial photograph using a rocket mounted camera. In 1909, Wilbur Wright took the first aerial photograph from an airplane.

During the First World War, aerial photography replaced drawing and sketching by the aerial observers. Cameras designed for use in airplanes were invented; however, stability and shutter remained a problem. Towards the end of the war, a camera with the shutter located inside the lens was invented by Sherman M. Fairchild. This invention has significantly improved the quality of photographs. Most importantly, it became the standard for aerial camera systems over the next 50 years.

Today, most aerial cameras are digital. Photographers make use of gyro-stabilizers to counteract the aircraft’s movement.

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Career Coaching – What Is It?

dollarphotoclub_73542986_2_According to the International Federation of Coaching, a career coach partners with you in a creative and thought-provoking process inspiring you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Coaches will honor you as the expert in your life and work and believe you are resourceful, creative, and whole.

The client is the expert in the coaching relationship. It is actually the client’s agenda that is paramount because as a client, you have all the answers you need inside you.

What Career Coaching Is All About

Personal Responsibility – The client will have more control over their life than they think they have. It is through coaching that the client can create dedication, determination, and commitment within the client in order to achieve their full potential.

Self-awareness – You need to know who you really are so you will know what you want. An excellent philosopher once said that the unexamined life is not worth living. Coaching will help the client to determine their limiting beliefs that may have hold them back and replace them with beliefs that will ensure that client’s progress.

Action-based & Results-focused – Tolerations are addressed, goals will be set and action plans will be created – all of these will motivate as well as empower the client to move forward with a clear vision of the end in mind.

Did you know that coaching started in the USA? It came about as a result of several synchronistic factors like the success of sports coaching, the need in business of optimizing performance, and the realization by most therapists that patients actually had nothing wrong with them. It was actually within this context that coaching as a career was born.

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