Month: November 2014

The Very First Official Resume

this websiteResumes are obviously written by job hopefuls to show that they are the most qualified applicant for the position.  Some people struggle with this task as they find it hard to impress their future employer by just writing down their achievements and experiences.

But did you know that even Leonardo da Vinci had to write a letter detailing his achievements and skills just to prove that he is a worthy applicant?

Yes, he actually did.

The year 1482 marks the birth of the very first official resume. Leonardo da Vinci was 30 years old at that time and was looking for an employment opportunity. He then created a letter and sent it to the Duke of Milan, Ludovico il Moro. And since he was not yet known as the Italian Renaissance most esteemed polymath, he had to sell himself by writing about his wartime engineering skills as well as his knowledge of different disciplines (sculpture, painting, architecture, and etc.).

What’s impressive and truly amazing with this document is the way he wrote it. Loaded with great talents, he managed to present himself in a modest way. He was able to emphasize his strong points without being arrogant or boastful – a characteristic that all employers are after at and should be present in your resume.

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Interesting Facts About Rugs

The history of rugs covers about similar time span as human existence since people then have been using rugs. Apart from being used for clothing, animal hides were also used as rugs on the floor of a family’s shelter. Other types of rugs were made from crudely woven reeds. Before, a good hide or rug is considered the most valuable possession of a family.

Important Events In The History Of Rugs

Carpets1949 – Sergie Rudenko, a Russian archaeologist discovered the “Pazyryk” carpet during the unearthing of a burial site in Siberia. This is known as the oldest surviving rug. It was actually long frozen in ice which preserved the color, design, and fibers of the carpet. This rug was made with a knot which is called as the Ghiordes knot. It dates back to the 5th century BC. This rug has prompted more people to become interested in the history of rugs.

A rug called the “Spring Carpet of Chosroes” dates back to about 550 BC. It was considered the oldest known rug before the discovery of the Pazyryk carpet. It belonged to the King of Persia. This huge rug featured lots of scenes of springtime like flowers in bloom, ripening fruits,, birds in flight, and more. This rug was ripped into pieces when the Arabs have conquered Persia.

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Common Computer Problems

GronteQAs of today, computers have provided businesses a lot of benefits from faster work, better performance and even more efficient services. No doubt, computers have provided the best benefits for businesses. Moreover, computers can also be used to communicate to clients easily that can also help reduce their expenses. However, there are instances that computer may be the reason for work delay due to these common computer issues.

Malicious software

From spyware, adware, trojan horses, worms and rootkits; These malicious software can harm your computer. Thus, files and essential documents are also at risk. The ideal way it so install anti-virus. But, make sure that your anti-virus is licenced to obtain better benefits.

Network issues

Network issues are also the most common problems businesses may experience. Because of this issue, workers cannot make use of the internet. Workers cannot also access information from the main server that can be very stressful.

Hard drive failure

Another issue you may experience is hard drive failure. This is commonly experience due to over use of computers, viruses and even unstable electricity.

Blue screen

One of the most stressful problems you may face when using a computer is a blue screen. Having a blue screen on your computer may result to hard drive failure which can be very disturbing for your business.

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The Evolution Of Whiteboard Animation

WhiteboardstoriesWhiteboard animation is one of the most common options of advertising these days. Whiteboard animation can provide better information, more exciting and more appealing videos. This is possible since whiteboard animation offers high-quality illustrations and animations.

But, what is whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is a process where you create a story with pictures that are drawn on a whiteboard.

How did it evolve?

During the old days, cavemen usually draw illustrations, characters and items on walls. These illustrations have become a part of their communication with others.

In the 70’s and 80’s, the UK’s Open University has created short films of specific scientific and mathematical concepts. These short videos involve using of blackboard and whiteboard presentations to showcase facts, figures and formulas to other individuals.

During the 90’s, children’s shows “Art Attack” and “Mr Squiggle” also use whiteboard animation. The British show “Art Attack” features a segment presenting large-scale production of artwork. On the other hand, “Mr Squiggle” features a puppet with a pencil for a nose who turns ordinary things into pictures.

Recently, the American postal service “UPS” ran a campaign using video animations. In this campaign, a man is drawing on a whiteboard. He then adds connections with markers between images that have already been drawn on the board.

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Types Of Incontinence

DrsweetenHealth conditions can affect your performance and well-being since your body is affected that may lead to serious health problems. There are also health conditions that may affect your whole lifestyle like incontinence. Incontinence is a condition where individuals most especially women cannot control their bladder which causes them to involuntarily urinate. To know more about incontinence, listed below are the types of incontinence.

Stress – Women leak urine during they cough, laugh or sneeze. This is possible since the abdomen is stressed during these activities. Apart from that, stress incontinence is caused by pregnancy and childbirth.

Urge – This type of incontinence is the leakage of urine associated with a great desire to urinate. This is caused by damaged nerves in the bladder, damaged nervous system and damaged muscles.

Overflow – This is the type of incontinence where individuals cannot empty their bladder properly. Therefore, you need to urinate more frequently.

Functional – This type of incontinence is experienced by individuals who have physical problems like arthritis or cognitive problems like dementia.

Total – This type of incontinence is the continuous leakage of urine. This is caused by an abnormal communication between and bladder and the vagina. This is also called as vesicovaginal fistula.

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Most Common Languages Used Worldwide

Today, there are many languages that are being spoken worldwide. But did you know the world’s most common languages these days?

World’s Most Common Languages

Around The WorldMandarin – This is on the top spot as the most common language in the entire world with more than 955 million speakers. This is considered among the 5 major dialects of Chinese and is the official language in Taiwan and China. It is also regarded as among the 4 official dialects of Singapore. In fact, about 14.4 % of the population of the world are native Mandarin speakers.

Spanish – This is among the most common languages used worldwide due to its prominence in Europe and in Americas with 405 million speakers. In Spain, the Castilian dialect is held as a national standard. Still, Catalan and Andalusian are being used.

English – This used to be the second-most common language. However, Spanish speakers have increased rapidly over the past 15 years. But because of the number of speakers along with the number of countries, in which it’s spoken, English it known to be the most influential language.

Urdu/Hindi – Though they might have various written forms, both of these languages have lots of common words and grammar. A lot of linguists consider them different registers of similar common language. More than 310 million people worldwide can speak 1 of the 2.

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How Exercise Equipment Came About

Today, there a lot of fitness machines or exercise equipment being sold in the market. It is indeed quite interesting for people to know the earliest forms of fitness equipment and how such modern exercise machines came about.

Brief History Of Fitness Equipment

Fitness EquipmentThe history of fitness goes back to the need for physical strength and speed of early men while hunting. As centuries passed by, human beings became more sedentary. This then has led to an interest in fitness as an important aspect for having a long and healthy life.

Dumbbells were actually among the earliest pieces of exercise equipment. Free weights were used in order to develop great muscular strength and for training for sports such as long jump.

After the development of free weight, a major advancement in resistance training happened after hundreds of years. It was only in 1950s that Jack LaLanne, an American fitness guru, innovated a couple of equipment that were used since then. He developed the first cable-pulley machine, the first leg extensions machine, and the Smith machine. The mechanical principle behind the invention of these 3 machines can actually be found in gyms worldwide.

In 1875, treadmill was introduced; however, it was not yet utilized for exercise. In 1952, Dr. Robert A. Bruce used treadmills for human stress tests. These machines were already common in gyms and households in 1960s.

In the mid-1990s, Elliptical machines were released. These machines have rivaled treadmills in popularity ever since.

With the technological advancements over the past 3 decades, plenty of exercise machines that were not possible before were already introduced.

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Top Styles For Sheds

PRCBuildingServicesSheds are essential investments for business owners since sheds are perfect storage location. Not to mention, sheds can also improve the looks for your properties. So, in case that you are planning to build sheds in your property, listed below are the top styles for sheds.

Sleek container – This type of shed is like the typical box-type shed. However, it is wider. Materials used are also better. Ventilation is also improved. This is ideal for individuals who wish to store huge items like vintage cars.

Dairy barn – The curved roof shape is the best feature of a dairy barn. It has double doors and a vent on top. This shed is ideal for storage location for lumber, cement, and other materials.

Stable styles – This is also one of the most common styles used today since it is simple. You can easily use this shed as an extension, office or even a room. With this said, you can make use of this shed for different purposes that can also help you reduce expenses when planning to expand your house or office.

Acreage – Finally, this type of shed is ideal for agricultural companies since that has a huge space. This shed also has multiple doors that can help reduce traffic when entering and exiting the shed.

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Interesting Facts About Fruits And Vegetables

If you want to be healthy, eat fruits and vegetables. It is a fact that fruits and vegetables can make you healthy. But it is quite interesting to learn more facts about these foods.

Must-Knows About Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits & VegetablesDid you know that cashews and strawberries are the only fruits that have their seed outside? The other fruits have their seeds inside. An average strawberry will contain about 200 seeds.

Bananas have a natural antacid effect on the human body; thus, if you are suffering from heartburn, eat a banana for soothing relief. Did you know that banana is not a fruit? It is actually an herb. And because they are nutritious and are very easy to digest, they are among the first food that is offered to babies.

Many years ago, watermelons are used by explorer in order to carry water on long expeditions. Limes, on the other hand, are eaten by sailors in order to prevent scurvy.

There are more than 7000 different types of apples that are grown worldwide. Perhaps you have noticed that apples float in water – this is due to the fact that they contain 25% of air. An apple tree can actually yield a maximum of 400 apples every year.

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Common Types Of Loans

ZepfinanceFinances are essential for individuals. Therefore, more and more individuals are looking for ways to increase their finances and profits. However, there are instances that profits cannot suffice your needs. Thus, the ideal option is to opt for loans. There are different types of loans to choose from. So, you need to look for the right loan that can cater to your needs. Listed below are some of the following.

Student loans – This loan is provided to college students who want to have sufficient finances to cover the cost of their education. There are also two types of student loans, loans offered by the government and loans offered by private lenders.

Mortgages – When buying houses, mortgages are the best option in order to provide you with sufficient finances to purchase a house. However, one of the major risks of mortgages is that you need to pay your loans on time to avoid foreclosure.

Auto loans – Auto loans are like mortgages, it allows individuals to purchase a car easily. In addition, the risks of mortgages are also experienced in auto loans. Luckily, this loan may be distributed by a bank or by the dealership directly.

Personal loans – In case that you do not have sufficient finances to cater to your personal needs, you can also opt for personal loans. This is ideal for individuals since personal loans have no specific designation. Thus, you can make use of your loans to pay off other debts or perhaps use it to make your life better.

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