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Imported Pests and Their Arrival to the United States

japanese-beetle-279869__340Pests in their native land can be easily kept in small numbers because they can have many enemies like parasites, predators, and diseases. However, if they get into places where none of their usual enemies exist, a pest problem can develop quickly.


Japanese Beetles

When Japanese beetles arrived to the U.S., they became a serious lawn and garden pest. This insects are gold and shiny green. They lay their eggs in grassy areas. The young ones, called grubs, feed on grass roots for a year until they emerge as adults in mid summer. When they become adults, they eat a wide variety of plants including the cultivated ones.

Japanese beetles made their way to the United States as larvae that were included in the iris bulbs being shipped from Japan to New Jersey, where the insect was initially discovered. Today, Japanese beetles have reached almost the whole of North America and the task of getting rid of them is among the top lawn care priorities of farmers and gardeners.


Gypsy Moth

With a scientist’s goal of producing a hardy silkworm, the gypsy moth was allowed to be brought to America. In its native land, it is not considered a serious pest.

When it escaped from the laboratory, it established itself in the forests of Massachusetts. And without the European parasites, diseases and predators, its population exploded. The gypsy moth caterpillars eat the leaves most trees. They are capable of eating the leaves off of every tree in the forest.

From Massachusetts, the insect is spreading slowly southward along the East Coast of the United States.


Other Exotic Pests

Mediterranean Fruit Fly or Med Fly – arrived in California and became a major pest

Chestnut blight – a fungus disease that killed the American chestnut tree throughout it s entire natural range.

Dutch elm disease – another fungus disease responsible for killing many elm trees.

Citrus Canker – a bacterial disease that caused major pest problems in Florida.


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Mind-Blowing Facts About Our Furry Friends

petsWhen it comes down to it, how much do we really know about our furry little friends at home? Aside from the common things like their preferred food, favorite spot at home, and where they usually want us to scratch them, there are actually a lot more mystery about our pets that we are yet to fully understand. Here are some quirky and mind-blowing facts that you probably don’t know related to our beloved pet dog and cat.

  • Dogs can understand up to 250 words as well as gestures, and can count up to five. An average dog is as intelligent as a two-year-old child
  • Cats are capable of about 100 distinct vocalizations while dogs are only capable of about ten.
  • Like a human’s finger print, both dogs’ and cats’ noses are unique. You can even take nose prints in case the get stolen or lost.
  • A cat is one of the animals that walk with their left front leg moves in tandem with their left black leg. The other animals that walk this way is giraffes and camels.

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Meet The World’s Smallest Fish

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Think FishFishes come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. What is more interesting is that scientists discover new species of fish up to this day, like the discovery of the world’s smallest fish.

Did you know that the smallest fish in the world is found in Malaysia and Indonesia?

The Paedocypris Progenetica, a freshwater fish, is known to be the smallest fish in the world. The smallest mature P. progenetica female measures only 9.7 mm, while the largest one measures 10.3 mm. Its name Paedocypris came from the Greek words ‘Paideios’ meaning children and ‘Cypris’ for Venus.

How do they look like?

Paedocypris progenetica has miniature transparent bodies lack the typical features of a usual fish such as a bony skull structure.

Where do they live?

Paedocypris progenetica lives in the dark-colored peat swamps of Sumatra, Indonesia. They can survive in pools of acid water in the tropical forest swamp.

Interesting Facts

They are very tiny.

They live in acid.

They have bizarre grasping fins.

They are translucent and have the appearance of larvae.

They can live through extreme drought.

Besides having the title of being the smallest fish in the world, they are also the smallest vertebrate or back boned animal in the entire world.

Their brain lacks bony protection, leaving it unprotected.


Unusual Behaviours Of Dogs

DKCDogs are known to be friendly and energetic. Dogs are also courageous and faithful. However, there are times when pet owners see unusual behaviours from their furry friends. Fortunately, dogs, like humans, have certain behaviours only dogs can understand. To help you understand your dogs, listed below are some of their unusual behaviours.

Wagging their tail

Most of the time, pet owners think that their dogs are happy when they are wagging their tails. However, wagging tails mean different things. For instance, wagging the tail in a high or arched-shape means your dog is interested or perhaps annoyed about something.

Turning around before sitting

Another unusual behaviour you may notice in your dog is they turn around before sitting. Dogs frequently do this in order to clean the spot where they will sit and make the spot more comfortable for them.

Sniffing butts

One of the most unusual behaviours dogs do is to sniff butt. This may be unsanitary for people. But, this allows dogs to know other dogs. This is possible since the anal sac located in the anus secretes fluid.

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Countries With The Largest Dog Population

DKCAs of today, more and more individuals look for pets. Some pet owners state that having a dog can help you reduce stress. This is possible since pets can provide you joy and excitement. But, do you know what countries have the largest pet population? Listed below are some of them.


U.S.A is known to have the largest population of dogs in the whole world. Experts state that U.S.A has 60 million dogs all alone.


Known to be one of the largest countries in the world, Brazil has also one of the largest dog populations with 31.4 million dogs.


China is the most populated country in the world with 1.357 billion individuals. With this, China has also the largest dog population with over 26.15 million canines.


Japan is considered one of the most advanced countries of the world due to their state-of-the-art technology. As for dog population, Japan has 12.78 million dogs.


Russia is the largest country in the world. And, the country is ranked 6th with regard to dog population of 11.2 million.


Thailand is the world’s 51st-largest country and 20th-most populous country in the world. Not to mention, the country also ranked 10th when it comes to dog population.

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The Most Common Dog Diseases

DKCDogs are known to be brave, strong and energetic. These furry friends are also good companions since they protect you against strangers. If well-trained, dogs can also do amazing tasks such as fetching your flip-flops or perhaps, getting your newspapers on your doors steps. Surely, dogs can provide you with amazing benefits. However, there are instances that dogs can be affected by certain diseases. To help you learn about dog diseases, listed below are the most common diseases of dogs.

Ear infection

This condition is caused by allergies, yeast, ear mites, bacteria, hair growth deep in the ear canal. With this condition, dogs cannot properly hear you when you call them.


From tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms are common internal parasites in dogs. These worms can cause serious damages to your dog or even worse, kill your adorable pet. Pet owners can determine if their dogs have worms in case that you notice these signs; weight loss, change in appetite, rough, dry coat, scooting on his bottom and an overall poor appearance.


In case that you see signs such as hair loss, hot spots and allergic dermatitis, it is confirmed that your dog has flea infestation. This problem is very easy to deal with since you only need to bathe your dog regularly or make use of powders. However, when flea infestation is not treated, it may cause allergic reactions, infections, and even lead to anemia from blood loss.

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The Most Popular Pets A Family Can Have

When it comes to having pets, it is very important that you make sure your family’s safety as well. You cannot just bring home any animal you like. There are some animals that are tagged as domestic ones and these are the most common pets recommended for a family. Check out the list below to know the most popular pets a family can have.

Dogs. Tagged as a man’s best friend, dogs are very friendly and loyal. They are good companions to both kids and older folks.
Cats. Cats are one of the most loving pets in the world. They can be so clingy at times but they are actually very affectionate and also fun to be with.
Fish. There are a lot of kinds of fish that are good for domestic caring. Having a fish as a pet do not actually take so much time and effort as long as you feed it on time and provide it with the right environment and space.
Bird. A bird is also considered as one of the most popular pets today. Kids just love to have birds as their pet especially the colourful ones and those that make unique sounds.

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What You Need To Know About Puppies

Perhaps you know so much about dogs. But do you know a lot about puppies?

Interesting Facts About Puppies

PuppyWhen a puppy is born, 90% of their life is indeed spent sleeping while the other 10% is spent eating. Since plenty of important growth and development happens to the puppies during this time, it is very crucial that they get enough rest.

Did you know that human newborns and puppies are the same in terms of sleeping habits? The average human newborn sleeps 16 hours in a day while puppies get around 14 hours.

Puppies are born without teeth.  Also, they cannot see, smell, or hear. Puppies do not open their eyes or hear until they are 9-12 days old. Furthermore, they cannot smell until 3 weeks after birth. Until then, it is very important for the mini-puppies to stay close to their mom and their siblings to grow and eat properly.

Puppies’ teeth grow when they are chewing. Do not discipline for chewing, you just have to train them on what is OK to chew and what is not.

Puppies grow fast and it actually takes a bit of time to get used to their body. When they are trying to walk, puppies can be clumsy. This is very common in larger breeds because of their big paws and long legs.

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