Month: January 2016

Must-Knows About The Common Lawn Pests

There are several common insects and lawn pests that hamper your lawn care efforts. Correctly identifying these lawn pests so proper treatment can be implemented is the best way of managing them.

Common Pests Of Lawns

PestsChinch Bugs – These pests cause serious damage in the thick turf of lawns. Dead or drying areas of a lawn signal their presence. Dry season is known to favour its spread. Generally, a chinch bug produces 2 generations every year. The first generation starts to die in early fall while the second generation hibernates at the approach of cold weather in debris or in loose soil near the root zone. These pests do the greatest damage from mid-summer to early fall.

White Grubs – There are many beetles that produce white grubs that create lawn damage. These include the oriental beetle, European chafe, Japanese beetle, northern asked chafer, and the Asiatic garden beetle. They cause damage by eating the root system of the turf.

Japanese Beetles – Often, they feed in groups. They start eating at the top of the plant, working downward. They are most active on warm, sunny days. Moreover, they prefer plants which are in direct sunlight. One beetle cannot eat much; however, group feeding by plenty of beetles can result to severe damage. Adult Japanese beetles are known to be highly mobile; thus, they can infest areas that are miles away. However, they only make short flights as they move about to lay eggs or feed.

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How Baby Carriers Came About

Today, you can find plenty of baby carriers everywhere. Many mothers are investing in it so they can easily take care of their babies. It is quite interesting on how it began.

The Invention Of Baby Carriers

Baby CarrierWhen Ann Moore was serving in the Peace Corps in the early 1960s, she devoted most of their time with the natives of Togo in French West Africa. After she returned to Colorado in 1964 and having a child, she wished that the American culture offered something that is quite similar with the African tribal carriers, allowing women to bring their children along at work.

She took a long piece of fabric and utilized it to attach her daughter, Mande, to her chest. However, her daughter kept slipping off. With the help of Mande’s grandmother, Ann was able to make a pouch from an old sheet, with straps which crisscrossed at the back and openings for the baby’s extremities. With this invention, Ann could bring her daughter along wherever she went.

In 1977, through word of mouth, Ann patented the Snugli and started Snugli, Inc. with her husband. By 1983, the company was already grossing %6 Million a year. Ann, now more than 50 years old and a mother of 3 grown children, feels she has contributed a lot to the well-being of mothers everywhere.

Andrea Proudfoot of Eugene, Oregon, however, was not happy with the Snugli baby carrier which she has received as a gift and found it uncomfortable. Thus, she decided to come up with a baby carrier design taking the weight of the child on the back, not on the chest. Andrea’s Baby Pack was then patented. Andrea along with 15 companions sewed the backpack and her other clothing designs in a small cottage industry.

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Fascinating Facts About Bouncy Castle & Inflatable Hire

InflatablesThe bouncy castle is known by various names across the world. Some call it Moon Bounce, Inflatable Castles, or Jumping Castles. Others may call it Spacewalk, Jolly Jumps, Astrojump, or Closed Inflatable Trampolines. It has never been so popular, and it’s always a winner with children of all ages and some adults as well.

Must-Knows About Bouncy Castles

In 1959, the very first inflatable structure was designed by John Scurlock. He was supposed to make inflatable covers for tennis courts when he noticed that his employees enjoyed jumping on them.

Zorbing, which is also known as sphering, orbing or globe-riding, is the sport of rolling around in an inflatable plastic orb. This can be done on a flat surface or on a slope to allow the rider to experience a real adrenaline rush.

Similar to traditional bouncy castles, there are also inflatables meant for obstacle courses today. There are also those that allow games like penalty shootouts, boxing, sumo wrestling, and basketball.

Did you know that the longest marathon on a bouncy castle by a team was achieved in Iowa, USA? It lasted for 27 hours on July 26-27, 2012.

Inflatables are often made of strong PVC or vinyl and are being inflated with a petrol-powered or an electric blower.

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