stainless steel storage cabinet

Stainless Steel Trivia and Facts

Stainless SteelStainless steel is considered one of the most durable and long-lasting building material today. It is commonly used in many industries and in various types of work. There are a lot of benefits to be experienced from using tools or materials made of stainless steel.

But did you know that…

– there are many different types of steel including stainless steel, galvanized steel and carbon steel

– steel is an important alloy (combination of metals) that is created from a mixture of metals, mostly iron

– some stainless steel can be magnetic, depending on its microstructure

– stainless steel is recyclable because its main alloying elements (chromium, nickel and molybdenum) are all highly valuable and can be easily be recovered and separated from other materials

– stainless steel can be made into soap to neutralize or reduce strong odors as a result of handling fish, garlic, and onion

– stainless steel still expands and contracts when the temperature varies

– stainless steel can be manufactured into metallic fibers, which can be woven and worn

These are just some of the common facts and interesting details about stainless steel you may have just probably known. Now you know that stainless steel is not just used for building and construction projects.

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