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Fascinating Facts About Bouncy Castle & Inflatable Hire

InflatablesThe bouncy castle is known by various names across the world. Some call it Moon Bounce, Inflatable Castles, or Jumping Castles. Others may call it Spacewalk, Jolly Jumps, Astrojump, or Closed Inflatable Trampolines. It has never been so popular, and it’s always a winner with children of all ages and some adults as well.

Must-Knows About Bouncy Castles

In 1959, the very first inflatable structure was designed by John Scurlock. He was supposed to make inflatable covers for tennis courts when he noticed that his employees enjoyed jumping on them.

Zorbing, which is also known as sphering, orbing or globe-riding, is the sport of rolling around in an inflatable plastic orb. This can be done on a flat surface or on a slope to allow the rider to experience a real adrenaline rush.

Similar to traditional bouncy castles, there are also inflatables meant for obstacle courses today. There are also those that allow games like penalty shootouts, boxing, sumo wrestling, and basketball.

Did you know that the longest marathon on a bouncy castle by a team was achieved in Iowa, USA? It lasted for 27 hours on July 26-27, 2012.

Inflatables are often made of strong PVC or vinyl and are being inflated with a petrol-powered or an electric blower.

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Interesting Facts About Drawing And Pencils

DrawingDrawing makes use of dots, lines or similar marks in order to create designs and patterns. Artists usually use drawings as preparations for sculptures and paintings. But be aware that drawings can likewise be finished works of art.

Artists draw with various tools like pen, pencil and ink, charcoal, chalk, pastels, and crayons. Before the introduction of graphite pencils in the 17th century, artists draw in silverpoint with the use of a silver-tipped rod on specially prepared paper.

What do the letters and numbers on pencils mean?
Drawing pencils are coded based on how dark and hard they are. For instance, HB creates a thin line and is medium-hard whereas 6B is darker and softer.

Why pencils are yellow
Since the 1890s, pencils were painted yellow. American pencil makers wanted to tell people that the pencils they manufacture contain Chinese graphite. In China, yellow is associated with respect and royalty. Manufacturers painted pencils bright yellow in order to communicate this regal feeling and association with China.

Is there a left-handed pencil?
Experts say that left-handed pencils do exist. However, this has nothing to do with the way it writes; rather, this is about the text printed on the pencil. The text in an ordinary pencil runs from the tip to the head so that you can read when you are holding it.

Who is the famous pen collector in the world?
It is Bill Cosby, a comedian, educator and actor. For many years, he lent his talent to promote New York City Fountain Pen Hospital.

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Top 4 Global Baby-Naming Trends

Top 5 Global Baby-Naming TrendsChecking out names for your baby?

Parents all over the world have different ways of coming up with a perfect name for their baby. Culture perhaps has the greatest influence on this but here are some interesting naming trends you should know.

From Celebrities
In most countries, celebrities are very influential. Parents name their kids after their favourite celebrities. Others use the name that famous stars choose for their baby. When Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr named their baby boy Flynn, it jumps up in popularity in the UK.

Old-fashioned names
Traditional names that have been popular for centuries are still the favourite in some countries. Anna and Dmitry for instance are still on the top 10 in Russia. Ben and Noah are biblical names remaining popular for boys.

From Religion
To bring blessings to their baby and inspire a righteous life, parents in countries where religious faith is strong name their babies after saints or after names in the bible. The names Emmanuel and Martha are popular names for the Roman Catholics. For Islam, popular are the prophet names like Ali and Mohammed.

From Special Meanings
Baby names in some countries are based on their birth star and the meaning of the name. Birth stars help parents decide on what kind of personality their baby will develop.

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Most Popular Emcees In Oscars

DonnaDanielsWhen talking about awards in the showbusiness, everyone knows about the Oscars. Also known as the Academy Awards, the Oscars is the oldest entertainment awards ceremony. The Oscars is also known as the most prestigious cinema awards ceremony in the world. So, to make this ceremony exciting and captivating, having a good and entertaining emcee is needed. Listed below are some of the most popular emcees in Oscars.

Bob Hope

Bob Hope is a top flight comedian and television personality. Bob is considered the most popular emcee in Oscars, having hosted 19 Oscars. Bob Hope also hosted the Oscars solo for seven times.

Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal is also known as a popular Oscars emcee. He hosted 9 Oscars.  His 9th Oscars was last 2011, “The Artist.”

Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson is the long-time host of the “The Tonight’s Show.” He hosted the Oscars for three consecutive years (1979, “Kramer vs. Kramer”; 1980, “Ordinary People”; 1981, “Chariots of Fire”) and also hosted 1983, “Terms of Endearment.”

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is known to be the first ever solo woman and African-American who hosted the Oscars. She had hosted the Oscars for four times.

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Most Commonly Used Tools In Photoshop

CherishartzPhotoshop is one of the best applications that allow individuals to manipulate images. Photoshop allows individuals to edit images or add certain designs or elements. In making astounding photos, you need to use the right tools in the application. To help you be familiar with the tools used in Photoshop, listed below are the most commonly used tools.

Pen Tool – This tool creates precise paths that can be manipulated using anchor points. One of the most common pen tools is the free form pen tool. This tool allows the user to draw paths freehand.

Crop Tool – This tool is used to select a particular area of an image and discard the proportions outside the chosen section.

Slice Tool – The slice tool can be used to divide an image into different sections, and these separate parts.

Move Tool – The move tool can be used to manually drag the entirety of a single layer or more if they are selected.

Lasso Tool – The Lasso tool is a custom selection by drawing it freehand. There are three options of the “Lasso Tool;” regular, polygonal and magnetic.

Magic Wand Tool – This tool selects areas based on pixels similar values.

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The Top 3 Best Things You Can Do With Photoshop

trusted Photoshop course provider in MackayA lot of people today are using one of the most widely used software around the world: Photoshop. The people who regularly use this software come from various walks of life and for different purposes as well.

Uses Of Photoshop

However, there are still some individuals who are not familiar with Photoshop and its uses or applications. Whether you want to learn how to use Photoshop for professional or personal reasons, below are some of the remarkable things you can do with this great software:

• You can restore old photos. If you have a bunch of old photos that are discoloured, have cracks and tears that really spoil their appearance, scan them into Photoshop, and then begin using Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, and Patch tools. The Healing Brush, specifically, is a great tool restoring old pictures since it samples data from one part of the picture and blends it in with what’s already there.

• You can turn images into works of art. You can use one of Photoshop’s many Artistic or Brush Stroke filters to turn your pictures into “new masters,” then print them out on quality art paper. In a matter of minutes, you can have some photographic art that you can proudly hang around your home or office.

• You can correct mistakes. With Photoshop, you can use the crop tool to salvage something usable from any obscured images and the enlarge wizard to blow it up to a reasonable size. You can also use the eyedropper tool to sample colour from around the iris, and a brush to paint away any “red eye” you can see in the photos.

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Woodworking In The Ancient Times

click hereWoodworking is defined as the process, act or occupation of working wood into a useful item or desired form.

Wood, together with mud, stone and animal part, was the first materials worked by ancient humans. It was revealed in a microwear analysis of the Mousterian stone tools used by the Neanderthals that many of the tools were used to work wood.

Samples of early wooden tools that were discovered are worked sticks from Kalambo Falls, Clacton-on-Sea and Lehringen, and spears from Schöningen, Germany. Flint tools were used for carving and carved wooden vessels were found at Eythra and Kückhofen.

The Egyptians were the first ancient civilization to use woodworking as portrayed in many of their ancient drawings, and a lot of ancient furniture has been preserved in Egyptian tombs. In addition, the inner coffins discovered in the tombs were likewise made of wood. Copper was the metal utilized by the Egyptians in making their woodworking tools. Ancient Egyptians devised the art of veneering and used varnishes for finishing.

The common woodworking tools used were axes, chisels, adzes, bow drills and pull saws. Native acacia trees were used, including wood from the native sycamore and tamarisk trees. Imported woods such as cedar, Aleppo pine, oak, and boxwood were also used.

In the past, woods that are native to the region were used by woodworkers. Because of the arrival of transportation and trading, exotic woods became available to the craftsmen.

Did you know that woods are sorted into three basic types? They are hardwoods, which are derived from broadleaf trees; softwoods from coniferous trees, and man-made materials like plywood and MDF (medium-density fibreboard).

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Australia’s Most Popular Event Venues

NofusseventhireIndividuals love to watch different types of events. These events can provide individuals excitement and information. Thus, as an event organizer, you need to look for the best event venue that can cater to your needs. Listed below are some of the most popular event venues in Australia.

Etihad Stadium, Melbourne

Located at the heart of Melbourne, the Etihad Stadium is Australia’s leading multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue. The stadium has a seating capacity of 55,000. It also has a total area of 19,000 sq. metres.

Suncorp Stadium, Queensland

Suncorp Stadium is also known as “The Cauldron.” It has a maximum seating capacity of 53,000. The stadium hosts different types of events from Rugby Union, Rugby League, Soccer and local and international concerts. And, more than 1 million individuals visit the stadium every year.

Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

This arena is located at Melbourne Park within the Melbourne and Olympic Parks sports precinct. It also includes the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Hisense Arena, the National Tennis Centre and Olympic Park.

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne

This stadium is the largest stadium in Australia, the tenth-largest stadium in the world, and the world’s largest stadium for playing cricket. Its maximum seating capacity is 100,000 people.

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Knowing More About Boudoir Photography

Today, the world of photography has been taken to the next level. More and more people these days are becoming more interested in photography and as a result, many photography trends have been invented. One of these trends is boudoir photography.

Boudoir photography is actually becoming very popular especially to the brides-to-be. This is a kind of photography in which the bride wears sexy clothes or probably nothing at all. It is considered classy because of the way the photo is taken. The bride can actually opt to show just certain parts of her body which are not considered X-rated such as the shoulders, the back, legs and the stomach.

When planning to arrange a boudoir photography session, the expertise of a professional photographer is needed. The result of the photo session will greatly depend on the photographer. However, it is also important that the subject is ready enough to make the best poses. Choosing the outfits to wear is equally important as well.

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The Best Camera Brands To Invest In

Many people really love photography. Although this is one very expensive hobby, still a lot of people really enjoy photography. There are even a number of photography enthusiasts who already earn a lot of money because they learned that they can actually make money out of this very costly hobby. They invest in the best cameras to ensure they get the best results and to gain more clients.

When it comes to the best cameras, there are certain brands that make it to the top of the list. Check out the following camera brands most recommended by photography experts today.

  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Pentax
  • Olympus

The above-mentioned camera brands are considered as the best-sellers. There are other brands that some people also opt for but they never actually make it to the top when you talk about the best cameras to invest in.

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