Month: August 2016

Landscapes Then and Now


Did you know that the most expensive landscape photography is worth 6.5 million dollars? The black-and-white photo of the Antelope Canyon in Arizona is called the Phantom. The piercing beam of light that appeared in a cavernous space like a ghostly figure was ingeniously shot by Peter Lik, an Australian landscape photographer.

Landscaping can be traced back to as early as the fifth century after the Anglo-Saxons arrived in England? The word landscape has been initially used in the late 16th century, which is believed to have originated from the Middle Dutch lantscap, some say landschap (lant for land, scap for ship). At that time, landscape referred to any painting that depicts natural scenery.

Nowadays, landscape refers to anything that relates to the visible features of a land, from paintings to photographs and even the physical elements of land forms as well as the living elements of land covers.

While there are a lot of human made landscapes today, the most overwhelming ones are still the natural, unspoiled works of Mother Nature.  This includes the following:

  • The Yellow National Park in Wyoming and the sandstone marvel on the Arizona-Utah border in the USA.
  • The Aurora Borealis in Sweden, northern Scandinavia, Alaska, Canada and Scotland.
  • The fragrant fields of lavender in the Plateau de Valensole and the magical waterfall at Nideck in France
  • The Strokkur geyser and the Waterfall at Mýrdalsjökull glacier, Iceland.
  • The Nabiyotum volcano in Kenya, which is a perfectly shaped volcanic cone standing in the world’s largest alkaline lake.
  • The Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, which is listed as a Unesco World Heritage.

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How Important Is An Oil Cooler Upgrade To A Motorcycle?

Timely maintenance of motorcycles is a very important thing for many motorcycle enthusiasts. A lot of motorcycle owners make the mistake of thinking that the engines overheat simply because of the ambient air temperature. Many think that an air-cooled engine will suffice in keeping the engine cool.


The truth is that these are not necessarily true. On one hand, you have to consider in the poor quality of fuel currently available in the market today. Additionally, your ride may need an air cooler upgrade. There are numerous benefits when you upgrade your air cooler. As a matter of fact, it cools oil by using a heat exchanger strategically placed behind the fans. It facilitates the flow of the oil through its fins even when the fans are not activated. Now, when the temperature of the oil breaches the 220 degree Fahrenheit mark, the fans will activate to blow air through it.

The fans will continue to blow air until the oil temperature is lowered to 190 degrees. The oil cooler will continue to work whether your motorcycle is moving or not, ensuring that the oil maintains a stable temperature. It does not add unnecessary noise as well. The fans of the oil cooler are quiet.

In addition, you will not feel the air blasting from the fans because the air moves under the bike. Essentially, you will not even know that the oil cooler is there unless you look at its LED indicator which can be mounted practically anywhere you like to. Apart from cooling the oil and keeping the temperature of the motor at an acceptable level, an oil cooler offers additional benefits, including reduced ping and knock in the engine which translates to improved performance. This is also one of the reasons why many motorcycle owners invest in this upgrade.

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Fun Branding Trivia You May Not Know About

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restaurant-1455958-1279x1124For a company trying to establish themselves in the marketplace, branding is often the most essential factor that can provide the best outcome. It creates a look and feel that can immediately be identified and easily recognized in the market place. If a company employs branding the right way, it will increase the company’s product value and the company itself.

Branding leaves a lasting impression. However, even before these brands become renowned, here are a couple of fun trivia you may want to know.

  • The famous Coca-Cola today was originally color green.
  • Levi Strauss launched a clothing empire by introducing “blue jeans” as workpants, however, he initially intended to sell his denim material to gold miners in 1850 to serve as tents and covers for their wagons.
  • In Spanish speaking countries, Colgate faced a significant obstacle in marketing their product because the meaning of Colgate in Spanish is a command “go hang yourself”.
  • A brand of condom Ramses was named after the great pharaoh Ramses II. Ramses II fathered 160 children.
  • When KFC’s slogan “finger lickin’ good!” was first translated into Chinese language, it came out as “eat your fingers off”.


2016 Trend in Dubai Retail Market

dubaiDid you know that retail sales in Dubai in 2015 reached 35.4 billion dollars? And according to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is even set to see a 7.7 percent increase this 2016. By the year 2020, Dubai’s retail market is forecasted to exceed 52 billion dollars with an average annual growth of more than 8%.

The largest percentage of the total value of retailing last year came from the store-based retailing. Store-based retailing is categorized into non-grocery retail and grocery retail, valued at 22.3 billion dollars and 10.9 billion dollars respectively.

Non-grocery retail sales include those from apparel, footwear, health and beauty products, and also luxury products.  Convenience is the latest trend among shoppers. It is what most customers are looking for as seen in the growth in grocery retailing which is due to the strong demand for convenience stores and supermarkets nearby residences in the outlying districts.

With this data, retail stores must continue to enhance its business processes and invest in Dubai’s complete ERP solutions, particularly those in the apparel and footwear categories which are forecasted to lead growth in the medium term.

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