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Most Common Light Bulbs In Homes

MaginsIllumination is important everywhere most especially in homes. By having sufficient illumination, you can accomplish tasks during night time. Illumination also makes houses safer since individuals have better visibility. With this, it is essential to find the right light bulbs for your home. Listed below are some of the most common light bulbs used in homes.


Incandescent bulbs are the commonly used bulb at home and also the least expensive. This type of bulb features a warm and inviting quality. These bulbs can last from 700 up to 1000 hours.


Halogen bulbs are like incandescent bulbs. However, halogen bulbs provide sharper illumination. This type of light bulb can be dimmed with the use of dimmers. And, it is more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs are commonly installed in under-cabinet lighting, pendant lights and recessed cans.

Compact fluorescent bulbs

This type of light bulb consumes only 25% of energy that is needed in incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are also more durable since it can last 10 times longer than incandescent.


LED, also known as Light-Emitting Diode, is one of the most popular light bulbs used since it is energy efficient.  Unfortunately, LED only provides directional light. To deal with this issue, manufacturers create new models that consist of large arrays of LEDs clustered together in order to provide better illumination.

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Most Commonly Used Tools In Photoshop

CherishartzPhotoshop is one of the best applications that allow individuals to manipulate images. Photoshop allows individuals to edit images or add certain designs or elements. In making astounding photos, you need to use the right tools in the application. To help you be familiar with the tools used in Photoshop, listed below are the most commonly used tools.

Pen Tool – This tool creates precise paths that can be manipulated using anchor points. One of the most common pen tools is the free form pen tool. This tool allows the user to draw paths freehand.

Crop Tool – This tool is used to select a particular area of an image and discard the proportions outside the chosen section.

Slice Tool – The slice tool can be used to divide an image into different sections, and these separate parts.

Move Tool – The move tool can be used to manually drag the entirety of a single layer or more if they are selected.

Lasso Tool – The Lasso tool is a custom selection by drawing it freehand. There are three options of the “Lasso Tool;” regular, polygonal and magnetic.

Magic Wand Tool – This tool selects areas based on pixels similar values.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Cars In 2014

car finance finestreamDid you know that in 2014, Lamborghini Veneno Roadster tops the list of the most expensive cars with a starting price of $4.5 million? The maker of this car which originates from Italy has built only nine copies.

Next to Lamborghini Veneno Roadster are these cars:

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse – France is the country of origin of this $2.5 million car. Since its introduction in 2005 up, Bugatti says that in December 2013, they have already sold 400 Veyrons worldwide.

Koenigsegg Agera S – the starting price for this model is $1,520,000. Originating from Sweden, the first Agera S was shipped to the United States in 2013.

Hennessey Venom GT – setting a Guinness World Book-record time of 13.63 seconds from zero to 300 kph, this car from United Kingdom is priced at $1.2 million. Hennessey plans to build a total of only 29 cars for this model.

Porsche 918 Spyder – this Germany car has a tag of $845,000 as its starting price. This car features the hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase – another car from the United Kingdom with a starting price of $298,900.

Ferrari F12berlinetta – the country of origin is Italy. At $315,888, this model it has the fastest acceleration of any road-going Ferrari.

Bentley Mulsanne – called the grandest of grand tourers. The starting price of this car is $298,900. Considering it weighs close to 6,000 pounds, the performance of this car from UK is pretty amazing.

Aston Martin Vanquish – a two-door hardtop coupe from the UK and sold at a starting price of $279,995. The brand image of Aston Martin is caught up with classic James Bond movies.

Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Coupe – originating from Germany with a price of $215,500.

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10 Easy-to-grow Houseplants


Plants improve the quality of air you breathe. Improve your home’s indoor air with these 10 easy-to-grow houseplants.

  1. Bamboo Palm – the best houseplants that remove pollutants. These palm trees having slender, cane-like stems and deep green, feathery leaves grow from 10 inches to 15 feet.
  2. Dracaena – its popular varieties include Cornstalk, Janet Craig, Red-Edged Dracaena, and Warneck. These plants are good to put inside as it can tolerate low humidity, low light and infrequent watering.
  3. Philodendron – These plants with glossy, bright green foliage that can grow quite large are able to survive with minimum care. Varieties good as air fresheners include Elephant Ear, Heartleaf, and Selloum.
  4. English Ivy – is a very versatile houseplant because it grows well in hanging baskets or pots. Regular pruning may be required to achieve desired size and shape.
  5. Spider Plant – houseplants that need moderate sunlight and prefer humid environs. They are recommended for bathrooms or kitchens.
  6. Peace Lily – an attractive houseplant known for its positive effects on indoor air quality.
  7. Weeping Figs – one of the common indoor trees. It grows between 4 to 6 feet tall. Avoid moving around this plant as they are sensitive to be moved around.
  8. Golden Pothos – one of the top-selling houseplants. It is a climbing vine with heart-shaped leaves and it thrives in low light, low humidity, and low temperatures.
  9. Snake Plant – another easy-to-grow houseplant that features vertical leaves with spiked tips.
  10. Gerbera Daisy – they are popular choice for cut blossoms. These plants can be encouraged to bloom all year.

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Types Of Auto Insurance

CBDCars have been considered as one of the greatest inventions. A car provides comfort and convenience. It saves time and energy travelling from one place to another. Over the years, car manufacturers have come up with different cars and vehicles that would cater to the needs of individuals and even businesses.

Because of its rise to fame, a lot of industries have also developed services and products that would relate to owning or driving a car. One of these services is auto insurance. As a car owner, it is important to consider getting a car insurance. Listed below are the types of auto insurance available.

Bodily Injury Liability. In the event that your car injures or kills someone, this insurance covers the injury and death claims associated with the accident.

Medical Payments. This insurance covers for injuries sustained by you and your passengers.

Property Damage Liability. This insurance covers claims for any property your car damages when an accident happens.

Comprehensive (physical damage). This insurance covers the damage done to your car, as a result of theft, vandalism, fire, wind and other non-accident causes.

Collision Coverage. This insurance covers the damage to your car up to its book value.

Uninsured Motorist Protection. This insurance covers injuries caused to you and your passengers by uninsured drivers, as well as by hit-and-run drivers.

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Hino Motors: Creating Cars, Not Only Trucks

HinoHino Motors is known to be one of the most renowned manufacturers of mid-size and heavy trucks. Hino, as of today, is under the Toyota Motor Corporation which continues to create reliable and sturdy trucks for any type of business. But, other than trucks, Hino Motors also manufactured several cars. Listed below are the following.

Hino Renault 4CV

Renault is one of the big guns in the automotive industry. Renault has created some of the best car models like the Renault 4CV. The Renault 4CV has been popular all over the world and Renault looked for a partner in other countries that can assemble the 4CV. Hino Motors is one of their partners. During 1953-1961 in Japan, the Renault 4CV was rebadged to Hino Renault 4CV.

Hino Contessa

After working with Renault, Hino Motors also signed a contract with Kaiser-Illin Industries for 10 years. Hino Motors in this contract has manufactured the Hino Contessa. Other manufactured cars in this contract are Briska 900 and 1300 and the Contessa 1300 sedan.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota Motor Corporation purchased Hino. With this, it opened a new opportunity for Hino to build cars once again. This time, it is not a sedan but an SUV with the underpinnings from the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, The Toyota FJ Cruiser. Hino has started manufacturing Toyota FJ Cruiser since 2006.

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Dangerous Habits Gone Healthy

MywellnessrevolutionExercising, eating healthy food and having enough sleep are some of the ways that can help individuals become healthy and strong. Other than that, getting rid of bad habits can increase your chances of having a healthier lifestyle. However, some experts state that some bad habits can also provide health benefits when taken at a healthy dose. Listed below are some bad habits that can provide health benefits.

Smoking – Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits of individuals since it can affect their respiratory and circulatory systems. Apart from that, smoke coming from a cigarette can also cause severe health conditions to non-smokers. However, smoking also features some health benefits such as:

•    Lowering the risk of knee-replacement surgery
•    Lowering the risk of Parkinson’s disease
•    Lowering the risk of obesity
•    Lowering the risk of death after some heart attacks
•    Improves the effectiveness of clopidogrel, a drug used to inhibit blood clots for those patients suffering from coronary artery disease and other circulatory diseases

Drinking alcohol – Drinking excessive alcohol can also affect your health. But, drinking alcohol moderately can provide you with amazing benefits as well. Here are the following benefits

•    Lowers the risks of cardiovascular disease
•    Improves your libido
•    Prevents common colds
•    Decreases the risks of developing dementia
•    Lowers the risk of diabetes
•    Reduces the risk of gallstones

Consuming caffeine – Caffeine is commonly obtained by drinking coffee. Unfortunately, drinking too much coffee can lead to sleeping disorders. However, consuming caffeine at healthy levels can also provide you with health benefits that you need such as:

•    Making you alert
•    Increasing your energy levels
•    Helping you concentrate
•    Reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes
•    Lowering the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease

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The Most Common Types Of Beauty Products

DiaryofabeautybankerWhen it comes to women, physical appearance is very important wherever they go, may it be a simple gathering with friends or perhaps a romantic dinner with their partner. With this said, almost all women invest in different types of beauty products that can cater to their needs. To provide you with a short list of these products, listed below are the common types of beauty products.

Facial beauty products – There are numerous kinds of facial products. One of the most commonly used is face packs. These are mainly used to cleanse the skin and make it silkier and smoother. These face packs are commonly made from herbs, plant extracts, fruit and vegetable extracts. Some women also make use of facial waxes and even facial wash.

Skin care products – Skin care products are also widely used by women in order to improve their complexion or perhaps make their skin smoother. Some of the most commonly used products by women are sunscreens, hair removal creams and even whitening lotions.

Hair care beauty products – Other than the face and the skin, the hair is also one of the most important parts for a woman’s body. Therefore, women also make use of different types of hair care products from shampoos, smoothening creams and oils. Some women even opt for hair treatments such as rebonding and also hair colouring to ensure that their hair can complement their looks.

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Essential Parts Of A Solar Photovoltaic System

KeySolarUsing the power of sunlight is very popular these days since the power from the sun is free. However, before turning sunlight into energy you can use at home, you need to make use of a system that can convert sunlight into energy. One of the most common converters is the solar photovoltaic system. Solar photovoltaic system is designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics. It is a method of converting solar energy into direct current electricity. To know more about this power system, listed below are the essential parts of the system.

Solar Panels – The solar panels, also known as photovoltaic or PV modules, convert daylight to electricity. Using a number of panels can increase the electric power that can be generated. A collection of solar panels is commonly called solar array.

DC Insulator – This device is needed to provide safety when disconnecting the solar array from the inverter.

Inverter – This device converts the Direct Current (DC) electricity produced by the solar panels to the Alternating Current (AC) form, which is needed in order for almost all electrical devices to work.

Generation Meter – The generation meter accurately counts the number of units of electricity created by the PV system.

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Typical Office Receptionist Duties

office reception furnitureReceptionists are valuable to most organization as they are the first people to face customers. Aside from greeting guests, advising staff of their presence and directing them to the proper location or person, receptionists are also responsible for a variety of other duties.

Did you know that in some countries the degree required for this job is high school diploma? As long as you have the key skills such as good communication, excellent customer service, organizational skills and the ability to protect private or personal information, you can be a great receptionist.

A receptionist’s main responsibilities may include the following:

  • Greeting visitors and clients
  • To answer, screen and direct calls
  • Take messages from callers
  • Keep appointment logs
  • Stay in close contact with building security in case you need to evict unwelcome visitors
  • Sort incoming mail
  • Post outgoing mail
  • Performing Internet research
  • Sign for deliveries and send packages
  • Filing
  • Order office supplies
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Perform other administrative tasks including bookkeeping functions

As a receptionist, you are required to have computer skills too. You must have a decent knowledge of personal computers and applications especially word processing and spreadsheet programs.

For businesses, it is their duty to provide comfortable and conducive workspace to their staff. The best office reception furniture will not only impress visitors and clients but it also enhances the productivity and boosts the morale of the receptionist.

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