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Interesting Facts About Action Learning

Action Learning FactsAction learning is a style of learning wherein individuals control their own learning experience. This is regarded by most training organizations as more than a mere trend, but a permanent and profound sea change in learning. Remember though that this is a framework in which there can be variations.

Components Of Action Learning

Projects – These can be exciting opportunities or problems. The problem is considered the real-world priority which the action learning group must address. It should be a current, urgent, and real priority for the team, individuals, or organization to address. In a single-project action learning, all members will work on the same problem. On the other hand, for multi-project action learning, every member will bring his or her own problem to address.

Set – This is a group of people, about 6-8, tasked to address the problem. Be aware that the membership of the group will depend on the problem.

Coaching – The use of questions among members is the hallmark of the action learning process. Questions are proven to generate deep thinking and reflection regarding the problem. To make sure that every person is involved or aware, his or her perceptions, conclusions, or assumptions will be asked. Depending on the model of action learning, members may only interact through questions and statements may only be made in response to the inquiries.

Actions – This is another hallmark of action learning wherein member will take actions in order to address the problem. Be aware that the actions will not just answer the problem but will also generate experiences from which members learn a lot by reflecting on what they did, what happened, what worked, and what did not. Also, they will reflect on how they can take this learning forward both in work and life.

Learning – This will come from the reflection of the members regarding the questions and answers provided by them.

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Important Considerations When Looking For Hotel Accommodations

Finding the right hotel accommodations that will meet your needs and expectations is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Some may find it easy but most people don’t.  If you’re the type of traveler that has particular preferences, finding the hotel that will suit you, well ahead of your scheduled trip, would serve you best.


For the seasoned traveler, the hotel preference is normally based on the following criteria:

SAFETY: This is a top priority. It is advisable to stay at hotels that are strategically located near police stations, first aid stations, clinics or hospitals, and even fire stations. Make sure to check if the hotel you’re booking include 24-hour security, has enough hotel staff to assist you in whichever way, with pools that are constantly guarded by “life guards”, and most importantly, have great fire proof plans and fire extinguishers on hand.

CONVENIENCE: Finding a grocery store, a pharmacy or even a parlor should be possible if you are the kind of traveler who would put convenience in your preference list. Hotel accommodations are now being marketed by the convenience that they offer to their hotel guests. Most hotels can be found in the middle of the metropolis or downtown area wherein good restaurants, shopping centers, recreation centers and relaxation centers are within an arm’s reach.

BUDGET: Most travelers won’t argue with this. Most hotels offer packages wherein discounts may be availed if you stay for more than one night or longer. For a lengthy stay like a month or two, hotel accommodations may offer much lower rates and additional perks.

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Retirement Facts You Must Know

RetirementRetirement can have lots of meanings. For some, it will be a time to begin a new business or perhaps start a charitable endeavour. For others, it will be a time to spend quality time with family members.

Things About Retirement That May Surprise You

  • Plenty of people consider 65 as the standard retirement age. Among the key influences in arriving at that age was Germany.
  • For the next 20 years, 8,000 baby boomers will turn 65 each day. This is roughly about 1 person each every 10 seconds.
  • The very first person to receive a Social Security benefit was Ernest Ackerman, a Cleveland streetcar motorman. His lump-sum payout was equivalent to 3.5% of his wages.
  • Centenarians or those over age 100 are primarily women. About 81% of centenarians are women.
  • Elder population spend about 3.7 hours a day watching television and movies.
  • In 2014, about 63% of retirees have relied on Social Security as a major source of their income.

These statistics and trends point to one conclusion – people aging 65 and over is expected to become larger and have more influence in the future. Are you satisfied with your current investment decisions or perhaps made arrangement for health care? If you’re not certain about your decision, today is the right time for you to come up with a solid strategy for the future.

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Financial Literacy Facts You Must Know

Earning money is not a sure path to becoming rich. At school, people learn facts about history, manage to understand Egyptian hieroglyphs, and calculate algorithms. However, teachers and professors do not show how exactly you can manage your income and how to double or triple it.

Level Of Financial Knowledge Of People Around The World

Financial LiteracyParents will certainly play a huge role in shaping the financial attitudes of their children. Mexico is on top of the list of places where parents interact with their kids about money, at least 41.7 days annually. On the contrary, Indonesia is at the bottom, at 5.5 days a year. (Visa International Financial Literacy Barometer 2012)

Almost 9 in 10 people in Norway reported that they’re monitoring their financial affairs. Still, 1 in 4 was budgeting. This means that there are more Norwegians who are so much concerned about their recent financial activities than planning for the future. (OECD Working Paper on Measuring Financial Literacy)

A 2010 study revealed that financial literary is related to family financial sophistication and socio-demographic characteristics. For instance, a college student whose parents had stocks and retirement savings was more likely to know about risk diversification than a high school student whose parents are not wealthy. (Financial Literacy among the Young, Lusardi, Mitchell and Curto, 2010)

Based on Flore-Anne Messy of the OECD’s Directorate for Finance and Enterprise Affairs, women are less likely to be aware of the answers to personal finance questions. Also, they find dealing with money tedious and stressful. It is highly emphasized that financial education and coaching play a very significant role in boosting confidence and know-how.

Based on a 2014 study, about 74% of young Malaysians know that they must start saving early for retirement. This also applies to Turkish, Japanese, and Germans.

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Real Estate Fun Facts To Entertain Your Brain

REAL ESTATE COMPANIES IN DUBAIIt can be really tiring when one decides to take the next step and buy a real estate property in Dubai. With a lot of excellent choices and great deals, you may find yourself in a bit of trouble searching for that one property as well as a reliable real estate company that is a cut above the rest and is undoubtedly distinguished in the field.

To lighten up your brain activity and have a good rest from reading the same old materials regarding mortgages, loans and financing when browsing for new homes, here are fun facts about real estate:

McDonalds is a real estate company

                To most people’s eyes, McDonalds is a burger flipping fast food chain but actually, they are in fact a real estate company. The company makes money on real estate through:

  • Buying and selling properties
  • McDonalds charges franchise rent to its franchisees for using the corporately owned properties aside from the franchise charges for using “McDonald’s” name.

Apple paid $1.7 million for one acre of land

When Apple was building a new data server in North Carolina, Donnie and Kathy Fullbright decided that the chance was the ‘iDeal’ situation when Apple tells them “name your price” for a one acre of land. The couple, a few decades ago purchased the property for $6,000.

Utah cut chronic homelessness by 74% since 2005

                How, you ask? Utah has been giving free homes to the homeless since 2005.

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Interesting Financial Facts You May Not Know About

financial planningIn financial planning, it’s tough spilling out your guts to a professional whom you don’t know anything about. If you are just entering the world, you have every right to feel a little overwhelmed and perhaps under prepared when managing money begins. You may be starting to have headaches in choosing decisions or maybe through gathering informations just so you can broaden your view and knowledge when it comes to financial planning and investment management.

To lighten things up, here are some interesting financial facts:

  • After the Great Depression, President Roosevelt made everyone surrender all of their gold to prevent hoarding of gold in the year 1933.
  • In 1862, the first paper money was issued by the government with its back printed in green ink to distinguish them from gold certificate. Hence they were called “greenbacks” at the time.
  • Rare coins make up a $5 billion per year industry.
  • In May 17, 1792, the “stock market” began when 24 stock brokers and merchants signed the Buttonwood Agreement.
  • In the early 1800s, a limited number of $3 bill were printed.
  • Greenbacks, bucks, smackers, rocks, moolah, loot, sugar, dough, gravy, lettuce, tenspot, sawbucks and juice were some of the names the U.S. Dollar has been called.

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Cargo Insurance Facts

Cargo insurance provides coverage against loss or damage of goods during shipping, either by sea, air or land. Due to the many risks and dangers in shipping, most businesses and individuals choose to insure their goods while in transit.

Types Of Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance FactsAll-Risk Coverage – This offers broad coverage from external causes. But even though it is called all-risk, most policies often exclude different types of damage from coverage. These might include damages from infestation, improper packing, rejections by customs, employee dishonesty, and abandonment of cargo. The main advantage of this is that the insurance will pay out no matter who is at fault.

Free Of Particular Average – This covers loss from specific perils. Perils covered often include heavy weather, collision, derailment, earthquake, sinking, theft, and fire.

General Average – This is used only in marine cargo insurance. This covers situations in which only partial loss of the cargo in the ship occurs. It requires all the owners of the ship’s cargo to contribute to compensate those whose cargo was lost. Particular average, on the contrary is somewhat similar with general average insurance. The difference is that some, not all, of the cargo owners must compensate the company or person who lost cargo.

Warehouse To Warehouse – This covers goods from when they leave the shipper to when they arrive at the warehouse of the buyer. Be aware though that such type of insurance might not take effect until the goods are on the ship, truck, train or plane. Also, it might not cover those that are picked up and brought to the shipper by a courier or another party.

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