Month: September 2015

How Hypoxi Works For Your Health

dubai weight loss

Losing weight entails a lot of effort with countless health benefits. Obesity is linked to a variety of health complications, including diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases. This is why it’s necessary to establish a good workout plan and develop healthy eating habits. It can also help you emotionally, especially when you gain self-confidence and improve self-esteem. This is why Hypoxi therapy is beneficial, especially since it assists with this process.

HYPOXI is revolutionary because it is the first scientifically developed treatment proven to manipulate the body’s own circulatory patterns to accelerate fat loss in targeted areas of the body. HYPOXI’s founder, Dr Norbert Egger, recognised that if he could stimulate blood flow to a specific region of the body, he could accelerate the rate at which fatty acids were metabolized in that region. He also acknowledged that physical activity is critical to burning fat. Dr Egger and his team of physicians therefore set about to create a device which coupled exercise with a therapy which could increase blood flow to certain parts of the body.

With strong blood circulation, your body burns unwanted fats more easily. Blood is the means of transporting fatty acids during exercise. This is why the state of our circulatory system is so critical. Fat tends to deposit and is very difficult to eliminate in areas where circulation is poor.

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Liquid Limestone Trivia: 3 Popular Stones Used In Home Improvement

3 Popular Stones Used In Home ImprovementStones are popular material for home improvement projects these days. In creating beautiful and durable functional paved paths for example, builders recommend liquid limestone. Other stones commonly used are marble and granite.

Here are some interesting facts about these 3 popular stones:

Limestone is actually a natural stone that mainly consists of calcite. It is a sedimentary stone bonded through millions of years of heat and pressure. This stone is known to contain lime from sea water. They vary in hardness and colour – black, grey, white, yellow or brown.

Marble is a metamorphic stone, a type of stone that originated from a natural form but were changed after a mixture of heat, pressure, and minerals. As such, marble is a re-crystallized limestone. Limestone is softened from heat and pressure. Mineral composition changes thus turned in marble. Calcium and dolomite are the main consistency of marbles.

Granite is another stone used by builders today. This product falls under the category of igneous stones, those that are formed from volcanic material like magma. When liquid magma underneath the Earth’s surface is cooled and solidified, it penetrates into the stone and creates new crystal formations. Primarily, granite is made of quarts, feldspar and potassium. It is a very hard material but easier to maintain when used at home.

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Interesting Facts About Drawing And Pencils

DrawingDrawing makes use of dots, lines or similar marks in order to create designs and patterns. Artists usually use drawings as preparations for sculptures and paintings. But be aware that drawings can likewise be finished works of art.

Artists draw with various tools like pen, pencil and ink, charcoal, chalk, pastels, and crayons. Before the introduction of graphite pencils in the 17th century, artists draw in silverpoint with the use of a silver-tipped rod on specially prepared paper.

What do the letters and numbers on pencils mean?
Drawing pencils are coded based on how dark and hard they are. For instance, HB creates a thin line and is medium-hard whereas 6B is darker and softer.

Why pencils are yellow
Since the 1890s, pencils were painted yellow. American pencil makers wanted to tell people that the pencils they manufacture contain Chinese graphite. In China, yellow is associated with respect and royalty. Manufacturers painted pencils bright yellow in order to communicate this regal feeling and association with China.

Is there a left-handed pencil?
Experts say that left-handed pencils do exist. However, this has nothing to do with the way it writes; rather, this is about the text printed on the pencil. The text in an ordinary pencil runs from the tip to the head so that you can read when you are holding it.

Who is the famous pen collector in the world?
It is Bill Cosby, a comedian, educator and actor. For many years, he lent his talent to promote New York City Fountain Pen Hospital.

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