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The Top 5 Most Expensive Homes In Dubai

leading construction and contracting company in the UAEDubai has been steadily gaining ground as one of the playgrounds of the elite and wealthy. Aside from the affluent locals, a lot of the loaded individuals and families from other countries are also choosing to invest and spend their leisure time here.

This emirate certainly has a lot to offer to the affluent. One of these is real estate. Dubai is just one of the countries in the Middle East where foreigners are welcome to invest in properties. And this emirate is home to some of the most luxurious and priciest homes in the world.

Priciest Properties In Dubai

Below are some of the most expensive properties for sale in Dubai:

1. L Sector in Emirates Hills. This six-bedroom mansion that covers 23,000 square feet is located on the Montgomerie Golf Course. The hefty price of this luxurious property is US$47.7 million.

2. MAG 214, Jumeirah Lake Towers. This 18,500 square feet duplex penthouse, located in the heart of the exclusive Jumeirah Lakes, boasts of six bedrooms. Its price tag currently stands at US$21.8 million.

3. Signature Villa, Palm Jumeirah. This six-bedroom villa boasts of floor-to-ceiling three-storey glass wall and a lovely panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and Atlantis. It covers an area of 16,000 square feet and comes with the hefty price of US$21.5 million.

4. Le Rêve, Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina’s exclusive penthouse houses five bedrooms. This 14,300 square feet property costs US$19.6 million.

5. HT Sector, Emirates Hills. This 26,300 square feet property has seven bedrooms and houses its own cinema, gym, spa and other remarkable amenities. Its price is US$18.5 million.

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Facts And Figures On Mobile App Development And Usage

mobile app development dubaiWhat are mobile apps?
These are software applications developed and designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. You can get them through distributions platforms or what they call app stores.

Among the most popular app stores these days are: Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry App World. As of June 2015, the number of apps available for download on each app store is shown below:

Google Play – 1.6 million
Apple App Store – 1.5 million
Amazon Appstore – 400,000
Windows Phone Store – 340,000
BlackBerry App World – 130,000

Google Play tops the list offering its customers about 1.6 million range of applications and digital media. Android users have more options for free apps. In selected countries however, some apps are obtained for a price.

Mobile app usage worldwide is tremendously increasing every minute. The noted number of mobile apps downloads worldwide amounted to approximately 2.52 billion in 2009. It is expected to reach 268.69 billion in 2017.

In selected countries, the average mobile app download rate is 1.23 apps per 100 users. Asian countries have the most impressive app rate. Ranking with the highest app rate is Malaysia with about 4.64 app downloads.

Games are the most popular category in the app stores. This is followed by business apps, education, lifestyle, entertainment, etc.

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Top 4 Global Baby-Naming Trends

Top 5 Global Baby-Naming TrendsChecking out names for your baby?

Parents all over the world have different ways of coming up with a perfect name for their baby. Culture perhaps has the greatest influence on this but here are some interesting naming trends you should know.

From Celebrities
In most countries, celebrities are very influential. Parents name their kids after their favourite celebrities. Others use the name that famous stars choose for their baby. When Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr named their baby boy Flynn, it jumps up in popularity in the UK.

Old-fashioned names
Traditional names that have been popular for centuries are still the favourite in some countries. Anna and Dmitry for instance are still on the top 10 in Russia. Ben and Noah are biblical names remaining popular for boys.

From Religion
To bring blessings to their baby and inspire a righteous life, parents in countries where religious faith is strong name their babies after saints or after names in the bible. The names Emmanuel and Martha are popular names for the Roman Catholics. For Islam, popular are the prophet names like Ali and Mohammed.

From Special Meanings
Baby names in some countries are based on their birth star and the meaning of the name. Birth stars help parents decide on what kind of personality their baby will develop.

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How Light Therapy Came About

SAD Light TherapyLight therapy is now considered the highly recommended treatment option for seasonal depression or SAD by the American Psychiatric Association. In fact, the leading researches from the National Institute of Health publications have published articles recommending its use to general practitioners.

The Discovery Of Light Therapy

In 1980, Dr. A. J. Lewy along with his co-workers at the National Institutes of Mental Health demonstrated that high-intensity light can greatly affect the ability of the pineal gland in the brain to release melatonin.

In 1981, Herbert Kern, a depressed engineer noticed the publication of Dr. Lewy and approached him to determine if it is possible to use light to treat his depression. What Dr. Lewy did to treat Mr. Kern is to extend his day length and creating an artificial summer. He actually exposed Mr. Kern to two extra hours of bright light both in the morning and evening.

Well, the treatment actually worked – the patient’s depression was lifted in just a short period. Hence, the practice of light therapy, otherwise known as phototherapy, for treating a seasonal patter depression was born. Dr. Lewy was the one who coined the acronym “SAD”, which stands for “Seasonal Affective Disorder”. The milder version of such health condition is known as “The Winter Blues”.

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Facts About Synchronous Menstrual Cycles In Women

Synchronous Menstrual Cycles In WomenWomen living in close quarters tend to synchronize in their menstrual cycles. It has been observed that after spending a lot of time together, women have synchronized periods.

The Science behind This Phenomenon
Known as the McClintock effect, this theory of synchronized ovulation has also been noted in mice, hamster and rats. Martha McClintock, the author of the first article to discuss this phenomenon states that menstrual synchrony is the result of the effect of pheromones exchange between women.

The Mechanism
When a lady is menstruating, she releases pheromones into the air. This substance which is like a hormone will stimulate the vomeronasal organ (VNO) of close ladies. It will then send signal to the hypothalamus which leads to hormonal changes where menstruation and some behavioral changes are induced.

McClintock’s Menstrual Synchrony and Suppression article which appeared in Nature in 1971 was challenged by scientists. As an undergraduate, they asked her to explain the issue scientifically. McClintock pursued the topic and then published it. Further research did prove that it was pheromones causing the synchrony. Two pheromones have been discovered to be involved in such synchronicity.

In a 2003 review however, the menstrual synchrony has been concluded an erroneous theory. Further studies proved that women are not biologically responsive to others’ cycles.

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What You Get When Using Premium WordPress Themes

wordpress themes review

Using WordPress in your website can rake in a lot of benefits. Premium themes like Thesis, Headway, Genesis and Catalyst give you an edge in terms of customization and SEO. These themes are coded by no less than the experts so you can be sure they are compliant to established web standards. So by choosing intelligently, did you know that you are getting the following benefits, too?

Premium WP Themes Are Cost Efficient

Cost is one of the issues why most bloggers and site owners prefer to use Premium WordPress themes over custom designed theme. Getting a custom designed WordPress theme entails more money and limited resources

Lifetime Updates, Upgrades And Support

If you purchase a Premium Template, it also comes with all the support that you will need. For example, Thesis theme has got a great support community where you can get all the help you need. A detailed theme documentation that comes with almost all WordPress themes is not enough to get you sailing all by yourself. Some wild customization that you require might not have been documented and so you want someone to help you


Getting a high number of traffic means everything to a website owner. In order for your online business to succeed, you need to make sure people are constantly visiting your website.  Free WordPress Templates are mostly created by newbie designers while premium WordPress templates hand, are usually created by more experienced, competent and knowledgeable WordPress developers/ designers.

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The Most Common Types Of Teas

CloudNineTeasTeas originated in China. Tea is commonly drunk by people because of its numerous health benefits. After which, tea arrived to England and America. As of now, there are numerous types of teas individuals can choose from and listed below are some of the most common types of teas.

Oolong Tea

Oolong also spelled as Wu Long means “Black Dragon.” This type of tea is cultivated in China and Taiwan for numerous years since it offers the widest array of flavours and aromas. Some of the most popular varieties of Oolong are Tai Guan Yin and Dong Ding.

Pu-erh Tea

Pu’er teas consist of larger leaves that can be aged for several years. And, the most highly prized Pu’er teas will actually have a light dusting of mold. Apart from that, Pu’Er leaves are usually compressed into various shapes before being aged. The most popular Pu’ers come from one of Yunnan province’s mountainous tea farms and are considered the most prized.

Black Tea

Black tea is the most well-known variety of tea in the West and known as “red tea” in China. This type of tea is fully oxidized and fired. As of now, some of the most famous black teas come from the Indian regions of Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri as well as Sri Lanka. The most famous varieties of black teas are Keemun, Lapsang Souchong and Darjeeling.

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Fascinating Facts About Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are appliances using thread and fabric along with human guidance to sew textiles together. They replaced the time-consuming, hand sewing that was necessary in order to make clothes along with other furnishings. The invention of such appliance significantly changed the clothing industry because clothes now are made easily and fast.

The Invention Of Sewing Machines

Sewing MachineIn 1790, the first patent for sewing machines was given to Thomas Saint of England. In the 1840s and 1850s, Elias Howe from the United States significantly improved the early designs of sewing machines. And on September 10, 1846, he was granted a US patent for his invention.

Howe’s invention allowed machinist to sew in an hour what had previously taken 14.5 hours. His innovations included a needle treaded at its point, an automatic feed, and a shuttle to form a lock stitch.

The production of sewing machines began in the 1850s, with the first saleable machines being those made by Isaac Singer. They were actually used commercially.

It was in the 1860s that sewing machines were first purchased by the general public. By 1863, the Singer Manufacturing Company was already selling about 20,000 machines annually for home use.

In 1889, the first feasible electric sewing machine was invented. It was originally powered by a bulky motor. Nowadays, sewing machines in manufacturing plants utilize computer technology in order to create customized clothing with few human interventions.

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The Most Common Surface Errors In Your Writing

The Most Common Surface Errors In Your WritingAre you confident that your manuscripts are error free and ready for submission? Proofreading is one way to ensure that your written work is top quality. Proofreaders are good at catching the kinds of errors that you are likely to miss after checking your content.

Spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice are some of the most common errors that surface in proofreading. For you to become a better proofreader of your own writing, know these common mistakes by heart and avoid them.

Spelling errors
Did you know that regardless of your spelling skill, you can still misspell some easy words? Be careful of the words that sound alike. Examples are:
• their, there, and they’re
• who’s, whose
• its and it’s
• your, you’re
• affect, effect
• accept, except
• than, then
• were, we’re, where
• etc.

Punctuation errors
Commas, apostrophes, and period are often missed or misused. Review how these punctuations are used properly and read your written work again to check if there are punctuation errors.

Grammar errors
Review the grammar rules. Know the subject-verb agreement by heart. Proofreaders often note errors in verb usage – particularly about the active and passive verbs, as well as shifting verb tense. Sentence fragments and dangling modifiers are other grammatical errors.

Dialogue tags
The key here is to use it in moderation.

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World’s Most Expensive Digital Cameras

Today, there are a lot of digital cameras that have great photo capture features. Because of the fast development of technology, you can now capture great photos even if you are only using an affordable digital camera. However, there are also digital cameras that are really expensive. Check out the following.

– Hasselblad H4D 200MS. With a 200-million pixel resolution, this camera is considered to be one of the best in the world and top of the line. It is worth $45,000.

– Seitz 6×17 Panoramic Camera. With a price tag of $43,000, this camera has a resolution of 160 million pixels which can capture 300 megabytes every second. This is great for landscapes and group shots.

– Phase One P65+. This camera has a full frame sensor that allows you to take photos easily in a high quality version. With a price tag of $40,000, this camera produces a 15-megapixel picture easily.

– Panoscan MK-3. This camera is great for panoramic images as it can deliver a full 360-degree view in just 8 seconds. This is great for forensic crime scene investigation and for both police and military use. This costs around $40,000.

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