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Random Facts About Virtual Personal Assistant

virtual assistant triviaDid you know that virtual personal assistant can help you live a happier life? Employing their service will reduce your burden at work and free your time for family. Below are several facts about these remote personal assistants.

• Virtual assistants are professional skilled people. They are good at what they do. You can fully expect from them a world-class service.

• Virtual assistants are independent contractors providing services in any parts of the globe through the Internet. They work in the comfort of their homes.

• There is a huge demand in the market these days for virtual assistants. Usually they are paid in an hourly basis. You can count on them anytime of the day.

What they can do for you

• Arrange meetings
• Record & transcribe your meetings
• Bookkeeping
• Pay your bill
• Answer phone calls or take messages while you’re away
• Sort your email
• Handle your calendar
• Data entry and processing
• Market research
• Web design and development
• Content writing
• Search engine marketing services
• Clerical and executive support
• Real estate services
• Customer support
• Check out travel packages
• Book your next vacation
• Do online shopping for you
• Tweet on your behalf or schedule posts on your social media pages
• And more…

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The Basic Parts Of A Website

Almost everyone has seen a website. But not all of the regular Internet surfers know the actual parts or elements that make up a website.

Parts Of A Website

reputable web design companyFor people who are not IT professionals or who do not have any idea what the common parts of a website are, these are the following:

Header or Masthead. This is the uppermost or top section of a website. You will usually see this as a horizontal band that covers the whole width of a page. The header contains the website or brand name’s logo, a search box, contact details and social media networking links or sites.

Top Navigation. Also called “top nav”, this part contains the links to the major section of the website and it has the essential design features such as the mouseovers and animations that serves to highlight the options in the menu.

Content Area or Content Slider. This website feature is mostly used to display several pieces of content in one location to reserve screen space. This part frequently contains appealing images, text links to other articles or pages, etc.

Sidebar. This part is commonly seen at the left or right side of the main content of the website. You can also see on the sidebar the contact details of the company or website owner, featured products and important events, to name a few.

Call to Action. This is the element of the website that encourages a visitor to take some form of action. This can be something as simple as having the visitor contact you. Shopping carts and “Order now” buttons also fall under this part.

Footer. This is the part seen at the bottom of a website. This part should also contain links to important sections of your website and links to useful sections that are not seen on the top nav.

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Organic Products: Fun Facts To Learn

use organic productsOrganic products are getting the fuzz today. More and more people are opting for it because it offers a lot of benefits. People are smarter now when it comes to health and going organic is probably the best decision when it comes to healthcare. But aside from the healthy ingredients, what else should users know about organic products? Here are some facts:

  • The biggest marketplace of organic food can be found in California. It has the largest food cooperatives as well as organic farming groups.
  • Studies show that rats who took organic products became slimmer, have improved immune system and better sleeping habits.
  • In the United States, 11% of the total sales of the vegetables and fruits come from organic products.
  • $13.8 billion sales in the year 2005 came from organic products.
  • Organic farming products are made without using any fertilizer or pesticide. Farmers are assured that when a product has the label organic, it is completely free of toxins and chemicals.
  • Natural does not necessarily mean organic when it comes to meat packaging. Natural means no coloring added or no artificial ingredients added.
  • When you’re in a market, you’ll know when a vegetable is organic if its color is less bright and the size is smaller.

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How Does The Phone Answering Service Start

Today, the use of answering machines has gone very popular especially in most businesses. It has served as a very convenient, efficient and effective way to address the needs of the customers and clients in very timely manner.

How does the phone answering service really start? The idea was actually taken from the tape answering machine invented by Valdemar Poulsen in 1898. That device was originally used to record telephone conversations. It was then redesigned to play the outgoing message and record the incoming ones in 1949. However, it was not made popular until in 1960 when it was employed by a known company called Phonetel.

Since then, phone answering machines was made commercial. And even until today, many businesses use a phone answering service to improve their business operations and services. The use of phone answering machines is now considered as an essential tool not only better assist customers with their needs but also to efficiently lead them to the right department.

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Incredible Facts About Different Foods

Food is something that people encounter every day. There are actually a couple of incredible facts about certain food products which are indeed very fascinating and worth of knowing.

Incredible Food Facts

PopsicleSoup – Did you know that the first soup was made of hippopotamus? It actually dates back to 6000 BC, when the earliest archeological evidence for soup consumption was found. And it was a hippopotamus soup!

Sauce – The Worcestershire sauce is made from dissolved fish, specifically anchovies. These anchovies are soaked in vinegar ‘til they’ll melt completely. The sauce contains the bones and all.

Popsicle – Did you know that it was an 11 year old child who invented the Popsicle? However, he kept it secret for 18 years. In 1905, Frank Epperson, the inventor, left a mixture of water and powdered soda out on the porch – this mixture contained a stir stick. That night, the temperature in San Francisco is very low that it had frozen the mixture; thus, creating a fruit flavored ice treat. He first named it the epsicle. After 18 years, he patented it and called it the “Posicle”.

Coconut – In the medical field, the coconut water can be used as a substitute for blood plasma. Why? Such water is sterile. Also, it has an ideal pH level.

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The Development Of The Modern Steel Pipe

Today, you can see a lot of pipes being used in various industries like in the oil and gas industry. But did you know how it was developed?

History Of The Modern Steep Pipe

PipelineIt was actually in the 1800s that the modern day welded steel pipe was developed. William Murdock invested a coal burning lamp system in 1815. In order to fit the whole city with these lights, he joined together several barrels from discarded muskets. He actually used this continuous pipeline in order to transport the coal gas.

When the lighting system became a success, the demand for the creation of long metal tubes was increased. To meet such increasing demand, many inventors set to work on developing innovative pipe making processes.

It was James Russell, who patented the early method for metal tube production in 1824. In such method, the tubes are created by joining together opposite edges of a flat iron strip. After that, the metal will be heated until it’s malleable. With a drop hammer, the edges will be folded together and welded. Then, it will be passed through a groove and rolling mill.

However, a better method for making metal tubes was developed by Comenius Whitehouse, This method is called the butt-weld process. This method starts by heating thin sheets of iron metal and drowning it through a cone-shaped opening. When the metal goes through the opening, its edges will curl up; thus, creating a pipe shape. To finish the pipe, the 2 ends will be welded together.

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Preventing Hemorrhoids

????????????????????????????????????????It is estimated that about half the population in the United States will have hemorrhoids at the age of 50 according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. This is attributed to the diet of Westerners along with lifestyle practices that involve a lot of stress and little physical exercise.

Hemorrhoids are common in people who suffer from chronic constipation and are also experienced by the elderly and those who are pregnant. The condition gets aggravated during childbirth, but luckily, most hemorrhoids that are caused by pregnancy will go away after delivery.

Most cases of hemorrhoids develop as a result of straining because of constipation which is often caused by improper diet, not enough water intake, stress, and lack of exercise. Others that contribute to the condition are laxative misuse, hypothyroidism, and irritable bowel syndrome.

How To Prevent Constipation

  • Eat foods that are rich in fiber. The best source of fiber are vegetables
  • Eat fresh oranges and consider adding coconut oil to your diet.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise regularly
  • Take probiotics
  • Avoid emotional stress
  • Practice good toilet habits

When the condition is severe, surgery may be required to treat hemorrhoids. But this should only be done as the last resort.

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Facts You Must Know About Oil Exploration

Perhaps you know where most oil that is being used by various companies all around the world comes from. But did you know some great facts about oil exploration?

Must-Knows About Oil Exploration

OilOil is wealth – not only wealth for producers but also for everyone who uses it. Oil is indeed considered high-quality energy. It is stable, liquid and it releases a vast amount of energy. Most importantly, it is much cleaner as compared to coal. In fact, if it were not for CO2 emissions, oil and gas would have been a perfect energy source.

Oil is very important. Oil has been the lifeblood of the world economy for more than a hundred years already. In fact, modern civilization is believed to collapse in just a matter of months when oil stopped flowing. Indeed, oil is regarded as important as agriculture.

It is safe to work in an oil and gas industry. Though there are plenty of extremely hazardous activities within the drill site, they can be well-managed. Over the past couple of decades, the industry made great strides in safety improvements by increasing automation, changing the work culture, and providing comprehensive and high quality safety training. With this, the oil and gas industry is considered a very different world nowadays.

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Safety And Precautionary Practices You Need To Follow When Using Pneumatic Hand Tools

trusted equipment solutions providerPneumatic hand tools are tools or equipment powered by compressed air. Today, pneumatic hand tools are not only regularly used by licensed and trained tradesmen but even by ordinary folks as well. These hand tools can be used by DIY enthusiasts when they need to work on certain interior and external home improvement projects in their properties.

Since these air compressed hand tools are used frequently, there is a need for everyone who handles them to know the basics of using them safely. Whether you are a professionally trained specialist or one who simply wants to use a particular pneumatic hand tool to fix or improve something, below are some of the basic safety and precautionary practices you need to observe and follow when using such equipment:

• If it’s your first time to use the tool, make sure you read the user’s guide or instruction manual before using it.

• Always wear safety glasses or goggles, or a face shield with safety glasses or goggles, safety shoes or boots and hearing protection when using the tool.

• Always check and make sure that the compressed air supplied to the tool is clean and dry. You can damage a tool its supply of compressed air has dust, moisture, and corrosive fumes.

• Do not use any attachment on the tool that is not specifically recommended by the manufacturer.

• You can reduce physical fatigue whenever you use a heavy tool by using a counter-balance or tool balancer to adequately support it.

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The Making Of Animated Movies

Animation is the art of bringing something to life. But do you know how it works? Well, there are actually plenty of different forms of animation – you can make a model of it and move it, it can be drawn, or you can cut out bits of paper and move the paper.

How Animated Movies Are Created

Animated MoviesAnimated movies will start similar to how normal videos do. Someone will provide an idea, and once such idea is accepted by a couple of studio heads, the studio will start working on it.

The directors will write out a version of the story, which will be discussed and refined. The artists, on the other hand, will make sketches. When such story is approved by the management, it will go into production. Know that production in animation is not like the production in live-action, where you just go out. The first stage of production is to create a story board (a giant comic strip) – dialogues are not included; rather, they are separated out and put below.

Once the dialogues are recorded and the story sketches are done, they will be combined on the story reel (the combination of the soundtrack and the story sketches). This will become the work reel as animation is completed. Eventually, all the story sketches will disappear and will be replaced by animation, which will then be cleaned up and colour. The work reel will become the final movie.

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