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The Two Of The World’s Naturally Occurring Eternal Flames

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Easy Fire SafetyDid you know that there are three components needed to light up a fire? Fuel, heat, and oxygen.

When all three elements are present, a fire occurs. On the other hand, removing one of the elements will extinguish the fire.

In relation to this, did you also know that there are naturally occurring eternal flames discovered in different locations?

Door To Hell

The Door to Hell, also known as the Gate to Hell, is a crater of fire in Derweze, Turkmenistan. In the 1970s Soviet petrochemical engineers discovered the natural gas field. After setting up a drilling rig operation, the site collapsed. There were no deaths, but a large quantity of poisonous methane gas gushed from the site. To prevent the spread of methane gas, geologists set it on fire. Through the years, it has become a popular tourist attraction because it has never ceased to burn.

Eternal Flame Falls

The Eternal Flame Falls is a small waterfall found in Shale Creek Preserve south of Chestnut Ridge Park in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Scientists have yet to discover how the flame works. A recent study conducted found that the ground around the falls is not hot enough to ignite the gas in the park.


Meet The World’s Smallest Fish

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Think FishFishes come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. What is more interesting is that scientists discover new species of fish up to this day, like the discovery of the world’s smallest fish.

Did you know that the smallest fish in the world is found in Malaysia and Indonesia?

The Paedocypris Progenetica, a freshwater fish, is known to be the smallest fish in the world. The smallest mature P. progenetica female measures only 9.7 mm, while the largest one measures 10.3 mm. Its name Paedocypris came from the Greek words ‘Paideios’ meaning children and ‘Cypris’ for Venus.

How do they look like?

Paedocypris progenetica has miniature transparent bodies lack the typical features of a usual fish such as a bony skull structure.

Where do they live?

Paedocypris progenetica lives in the dark-colored peat swamps of Sumatra, Indonesia. They can survive in pools of acid water in the tropical forest swamp.

Interesting Facts

They are very tiny.

They live in acid.

They have bizarre grasping fins.

They are translucent and have the appearance of larvae.

They can live through extreme drought.

Besides having the title of being the smallest fish in the world, they are also the smallest vertebrate or back boned animal in the entire world.

Their brain lacks bony protection, leaving it unprotected.


Interesting Trivia About Massage

272734abd837c2195c7aaa562764af44Massage has been known to be an excellent treatment not only for fatigue but also anxiety and depression, headaches and migraines, pain and repetitive stress injuries. Today, spas and massage clinics aren’t only for treating these ailments but are also visited by a lot of people for relaxation purposes. This is because massage is known to stimulate the brain to produce endorphins helping the client feel great.

Here are some interesting facts about massage you may not know about:

  • In the tomb of Akmanthor in Egypt, the oldest know reference to massage was discovered dating back to 2330BC. The image depicted two men with their hands and feet being massaged.
  • In South Korea, only the blind were allowed to take the profession of being masseurs.
  • 1984 was the year sports massage was first televised during Olympics in Los Angeles.
  • “The action of saying Mass” was the very first known meaning of “massage” in English.
  • There are about 5 million touch receptors in our skin and 3,000 of those are located in a fingertip.
  • It was believed that Julius Caesar had sessions of massage to help with his epilepsy.

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Most Popular Countries To Move To

pathway visasDid you know that besides USA and Canada, there are a number of other countries that are considered immigration-friendly?


The country is popularly known for Christ the Redeemer statue located in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is one of the biggest and diverse countries in the world. It is also considered one of the easiest places to immigrate to. Brazil is multi-cultural, having waves of immigrants from all over the world. Living in Brazil, you will not only savor the sun and the beach, you will also enjoy affluent living and lifestyle because of its roaring economy.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE is popularly known for their man-made islands and skyscrapers. Considered an oil-rich country, it has the world’s highest proportion of foreign-born residents. Because of its high employment demand and a strong economy, a lot of skilled overseas workers are enticed to work and move to the country.


The country is popularly known for its Kangaroos, Koalas, and Surfing. Not only this country easy to move into, it is also one of the safest and one with the most livable climate and highest standards of living in the world.

New Zealand

New Zealand is popularly known for the Southern Alps and the natural beauty of nature. A lot of immigrants choose New Zealand because it allows a relaxed pace of life. In addition, the country is open to the influx of overseas workers.

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Reality Weight Loss TV Programs That Caught The Viewer’s Attention

Body SmartReality TV programs have been a craze for the past years. A lot of these programs entertain viewers in various ways. What draws people into watching these is the fact that the program exposes or shows the real struggle of real people.

The battle to losing weight is among the most difficult challenges a lot has to go through. Hence, reality weight loss TV programs have been such a big hit.

Shedding for the Wedding

A reality series that followed the weight-loss journey of nine overweight couples. It combined wedding planning and weight-loss tasks in the episodes. Every episode, the couples are faced with a physical challenge they have to overcome. The winning couple gets one element of their wedding, while the couple who loses the least weight combined is eliminated at the end of each week.


A documentary-reality series that chronicled the weight-loss journey of 22 people who were suffering from severe obesity. Each episode portrayed the day-to-day struggles and life-threatening heath issues each person goes through as a result of their obesity. They were sent to a fitness camp and had to undergo a 6-month treatment program.

The Biggest Loser

A competition reality show that features obese or overweight contestants who will compete to win a prize. The contestants are divided into groups, each with a particular fitness trainer who will help them on their journey.

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Five Of The Most Influential Journalists

media and communicationJournalism has been a big part of a country’s development. It has done great things for the success of many countries and people today. As print and broadcast journalism flourished, so have the professionals who work in these fields.

The number of journalists who have given positive impact to the society is increasing. Listed below are 5 notable journalists who have made their mark.

Joseph Pulitzer. He was an American newspaper writer turned publisher. He introduced yellow journalism, but later on gravitated toward the truth in journalism. He is best known for the Pulitzer Prize, given to individuals who are recognized for their artistic and journalistic work.

Dan Rather. He was a journalist known for his investigations and for his conscientious newsgathering.

Anderson Cooper. He is an American journalist, known as one of the most influential broadcast journalists around. He has continuously won various awards for his work.

Diane Sawyer. She is an American journalist who does high-profile interviews and specials. She has won several awards and is frequently on the Forbes Magazine’s List of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women since 2004.

Christiane Amanpour. She is currently a news anchor and chief correspondent. She is considered as one of the journalists most followed by world leaders on Twitter.

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Testing The Waters: What You Need To Do Before Moving To A New City

eImmediately jumping into the pool without even trying to stick your toes to test the water is a bad idea. The same principle applies to moving to a new city. It needs a lot of planning and thinking. Here are some tips that can help you out:

Testing and checking things out

  • Prior to your move, it is important to set a few weeks or months if available to check out the city and see how things turn out. To achieve this, you can either stay as a guest to a friend or relative who lives in that city or look for a temporary sublet in the neighborhood you’re considering for your new residence. This way, you’ll have the time to experience the city as a resident.

Choosing the neighborhood

  • When relocating, it is important to avoid immediately purchasing real estate unless you are absolutely sure you want to set permanent root in that community. The things you need to look for in your new neighborhood are:
    • Apartment rental rates
    • Strategic placement of the location for job opportunities and social life
    • Kid/pet friendly apartments
    • Safety
    • Sublet opportunities
    • Roommate opportunities (if your moving alone)
    • Quality of nearby kids’ schools
    • Childcare
    • Doctors/dentist
    • Pet sitters
    • Stores


  • Before moving, it is ideal that you already have a job lined up. If not, the following will be of great help and importance:
    • Look for job recruiters in the city and seek for their assistance.
    • A readily available local address of a friend or relative for job application.
    • Always be available for job interviews.
    • Put networking to work in helping with your job search.

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