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Fascinating Concrete Facts You Must Know

hi-build-enduro-300x300Concrete is the most useful material in the world when it comes to volume. It can be poured into place as a liquid but it hardens to resemble a material such as natural rock, which makes it the perfect building material.

Historical Facts About Concrete

Ancient Egypt originally made use of concrete as an infill material for the pyramids.

The ancient Romans, on the other hand, were the first to use concrete as a building material. Builders have mixed water, lime and volcanic ash – they called this “pozzolana”. They actually built the Pantheon using concrete. Up to now, Pantheon is still the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world.

In 1874, an Englishman working as a bricklayer tried his best to create his own cement. After plenty of trials and errors, he was able to make cement for which he received a patent. He called this “Portland Cement” since the color was the same with quarried stone from the Isle of Portland off the English coast.

Concrete ears or sound mirrors are huge concrete dishes that were built during the WWII in order to detect any approaching aircraft. Microphones were suspended at the dishes’ focal points.

Today, most construction company are making use of scented form release agents in order to impart a pleasant smell in concrete – bubble gum being the most famous.

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Fascinating Facts About Landscape Architecture

lawn-care-palm-coast-flLandscape architecture gives a city its beauty and a park its charm. This is actually an excellent profession that covers specification, design, and management of build environment, along with the preservation, analysis, and enhancement of the natural environment.

Landscape Architecture Facts You Might Not Know

Capability Brown and Frederick Law Olmsted – Most people will say that these two people started the professional during the 18th century. They are actually known as the godfathers of landscape architecture since they have contributed a lot to the profession.

Landscape is a painting term – “Landscape architecture” came from a book about Italian painters. The word “landscape” is a Dutch and it came from “lanschap”, meaning “land” for region and “scap” for condition or ship. Some say that this word came from the German word “landschaft”, meaning “tract of land with its distinguishing characteristics”.

Landscape architecture capital – Statistics showed that Australia is the country with the most landscape architects per capital. Apart from that, it is the country with the most designated national parks.

The Most Viewed Landscape In The World

You might think it is the Grand Canyon, the top of Mount Everest or the Pyramid of Egypt. Well, no. The world’s most viewed landscape is the small field in northern California, taken in 1996 by Charles O’Rear. This image is otherwise known as the “Bliss”. People know this as the iconic default desktop background for Windows.

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