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Synthetic Urine – Who Invented It & What For?

Generally, synthetic urine is used to pass the urine drug test. But its purpose should be for testing medical equipment. This was invented by a German scientist. It contains almost 95% of water and 5% of creatinine and other chemicals.

Synthetic Urine – What Is It?

synthetics-quickfix_2This is a synthesized substance that will simulate composition, appearance and chemical properties of human urine. It was generally used for calibration of urine screening equipment in laboratories. Aside from this and for passing drug tests, synthetic urine is also used today for various purposes such as testing diapers and urine therapy.

Synthetic Urine Vs. Human Urine

The composition of the human urine and synthetic urine is almost the same. It contains uric acid, creatinine, and inorganic components such as phosphates, sulfates, and ammonia. It also has the same specific gravity and pH. However, the temperature of human urine is different from that of synthetic. For those who wish to pass the drug test using the synthetic urine, they need to warm it up to a normal temperature. Also, they need to shake it so there will be bubble formation. Most importantly, you need to buy it from a reliable source to ensure its quality. Bear in mind that if you get caught for using fake urine in order to pass your drug test, this is considered as a criminal act.

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Lawn Care Trivia: Practices You Need To Avoid

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

For homeowners, having and maintaining a beautiful lawn improves the curb appeal of their property. In fact, leading property experts, poor landscaping quality is among the top factors that makes a home for sale languish in the market longer than it should. Whether or not you are planning to sell your home in the near future, increasing the curb appeal of your property is important.

However, there are many simple mistakes that most homeowners commit when taking care of their lawns. To help you steer clear of such issues, here are some practices you need to avoid:

Exotic plants – these plants are indeed very beautiful, but are also very demanding. If you are sure you can meet their needs, it can be an important factor to achieving a beautiful garden, but if not, you can easily end up having a yard full of dead exotic plants.

Overcrowding – while having a semblance of plants through uniformity of planting shrubs, perennials and trees together is a good idea, overcrowding can lead to competition of vital resources for your plants that can cause issues in their growth.

Weeds – there should be no place for weeds in your yard. This can easily overgrow your lawn and attract pests that can be harmful to not only your plants but also to your home.

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Lawn Care and Landscaping Facts

blade-after-rain-1172970-1279x1705The curb appeal of your home mainly depends on the quality and health of your lawn. However, if you are like many people, keeping the grass trimmed would probably be the only thing you’d be mindful of. A wonderful lawn is a planned process from start to finish. It requires ample amount of effort, time and dedication to maintain a healthy lawn. Delve into these fun lawn care facts that can help you gain that beautiful curb appeal for your home.

  • Homeowners spend an average of 4 hours a week in taking care of their lawns.
  • One out of every five homeowners seeks the aid of lawn care professionals to take care of their lawn care and landscaping needs.
  • Mowing the lawn requires careful consideration on the type of grass you have. Too high and the soil will receive less sunlight, too low and you will stress the grass which can cause issues later on.
  • Sharpen your mowing blades before using. A dull blade will lead to tattered and susceptible to drought and disease.
  • The most popular lawn ornament is the pink flamingo. About 250,000 pcs are sold every year.

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Swimming Pool Chemicals And Cleaning Facts

pool cleaningSwimming pools can help you have an excellent time in the afternoon when lounging as well as having fun during the summer time with your kids. It can also serve as an excellent exercise for your body. However, taking care and maintaining a swimming pool can be an arduous task especially if you only get to have a limited time for extracurricular activities – during which would be better spent enjoying than cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your pool, hiring the services of professionals is a better investment especially in terms of maintaining the pH and chlorine levels of the pool which entails using the right chemicals. Here are some facts about swimming pool chemicals and maintenance:

  • The optimum pH level of a swimming pool is 7.4
  • 1-2ppm is the recommended chlorine level in a swimming pool. For bromine, it should be 2-5ppm
  • Allowing the water to circulate 3 times is important; hence filter pumps should run long enough to achieve this.
  • Determining water hardness is crucial: too soft and you can find your pool surfaces corrode, and too hard can lead to calcium deposits forming.

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Food Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Before the 17th century, did you know that carrots were purple? Today’s orange carrot was not cultivated until Dutch growers took mutant strains of the purple carrot in the late 16th century. Gradually, they developed them into the plump, orange variety.

Other Food Facts

slider-3Do you know why carbonated beverages are called soft drinks? Basically, beverages that do not contain significant amount of alcohol are classified as soft drinks. Today, this term is nearly used exclusively for flavoured carbonated drinks.

Why do you suffer from bad breath after eating garlic? This is due to the sulphuric compounds introduced into your mouth. Aside from this, this is also because garlic promotes the growth of some of the microbes in your mouth, causing you to have bad breath. Even if you clean your mouth, the bad smell still exists because some of the sulphuric compounds are metabolized, making its way to your bloodstream. These compounds will be exuded through your pores and into the air that will fill your lungs, which makes your breath stink even when you cleaned your mouth.

Did you know that the word “dinner” used to mean breakfast? This English word came from the French word “disnar” meaning “breakfast”. Dinner was traditionally eaten around noon and was regarded as the biggest meal of the day.

Did you know that there is a tearless onion nowadays? This was developed by researchers in New Zealand. It turns off the gene that produces the enzyme, which causes the person slicing the onion to cry.

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Fascinating Facts About Car Tyres

12106698_493139374189147_1126767452978919816_nCar owners know that they must replace their car tyres on a regular basis as well as perform different tyre maintenance to extend its life. But there are other important things they may not know.

Several Things You Did Not Know About Tyres

Like humans, tyres do age – Though checking your tyres is the best way for you to know if the car type pressure is what it should be, you need also to pay attention to your tyre’s age. Ozone, heat and sunlight can deteriorate your tyres and can lead to tyre failure. Check also your spare tyre for signs of damage. It is highly advised that you get a reputable advice from an expert.

Valve maintenance is very important – Valves will help maintain pressure in the tyre and must be replaced if new tyres are fitted. Valve caps, on the other hand, will protect the valve from the grit, dust and water.

Naturally, car tyres are white – But why car tyres are black? The colour change is due to the by-product of adding carbon to the rubber. The rubber was then replaced by silica for most tyres as this material can enhance the grip in the wet. Still, the colour remained black. Silica can also withstand dirt and can complement any car colour.

Crumbing – What Is It?

This is a technique that is used to turn old tyres into fine powder, larger rubber particles, or granules, which are being used to create roads. Most construction companies used these materials because it costs less and is a lot easier to transport as compared to crushed rock. If used for resurfacing roads, it can increase emissions. Moreover, it can extend the life of roads.

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Facts You Did Not Know About Human Anatomy And Physiology

There is no moment that your body does not do something cool. The human body is considered a well-oiled machine working to keep you going every day. It is quite interesting to know some of the cool things happening within your body.

Interesting Human Anatomy Facts

anatomy-254120_960_720Heart and Kidney – Perhaps you already know that your heart pumps out blood through your body at a certain rate. But did you know that your kidneys process about 189.2 liters of blood each day? This is twice as much as the heart receives every day.

Brain – This is the body’s computer. When it comes to memory storage, it can hold about 1,000 terabytes, which is equivalent to 3 million hours of video. It will actually take you 300 years to watch it all.

Muscle – This will keep your body in motion. The busiest skeletal muscle in the human body is the extraocular muscles. They move more than 100,000 times a day.

Some Weird Facts

While you’re sleeping, you cannot smell. During REM sleep, your olfactory sensory organs shut down. This means that any smell that will provoke a reaction won’t do a thing while you are asleep. While people think that they woke up because of the smell of coffee; in reality, they woke up and the first thing they noticed is the aroma of the coffee.

Your cardiovascular system syncs with the rhythm and tempo of the music you listen to. Music can directly trigger physiological changes that modulate heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. Your blood vessels relax with the decrescendos and silent periods and constrict during crescendos.

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The Perks Of Using Wooden Storage Containers

EasyTruckMobileStorageWhen it comes to storage units, most individuals choose units that are made from durable materials such as concrete and steel. However, some experts claim that wooden storage containers can provide better benefits than its counterparts. To know more, below are some of the perks of using wooden storage containers.

Cheaper than other storage materials

One of the main benefit of wooden storage is it is cheaper than other storage materials. Of course, steel and concrete are expensive. But, these items ensure that your belongings are safely stored. However, for a more practical option, some individuals prefer wood since it can also hold heavy items easily.

Easy to move

The next benefit of making use of wooden storage is individuals can easily move the units from one place to another, which is not applicable for concrete and steel storage units.

Space efficient

Another benefit of making use of wooden storage is individuals can save substantial space. When using wooden storage, individuals can stack these units easily. Because of this, storing items can be better.

Environment friendly

Lastly, wooden storage units are more environment-friendly. Other than that, individuals can repurpose these storage units into unique decorative items at home such as cabinets.

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Some Interesting Swimsuit Facts You Must Know

goa_frontDid you know that the world’s most expensive swimsuit costs $30 million dollars? The bikini was made of over 150 carats of D flawless diamonds that are all set in platinum. This was designed by Steinmetz Diamonds and Susan Rosen.

Speedos were once called “Budgy Smugglers” in Australia. This is a term derived from the domestic budgerigar, a small parrot. This body-hugging swimwear seems to conceal a parrot if viewed from the front.

The seamless Speedo polyurethane LZR suit was designed in coordination with NASA. This laser suit has helped plenty of swimmers to break more than 200 records in only 23 months after its introduction in February 13, 2008. But in January 1, 2010, the LZR was banned along with other high-tech suits by the FINA.

Other Fascinating Facts About Swimsuits

The largest bikini parade in the world – This happened on November 9, 2009. 289 girls paraded wearing only bikinis in Johannesburg, South Africa. The aim of this parade is to raise awareness for breast cancer.

The largest swimsuit photo in the world – On September 25, 2001, the world’s largest swimsuit photo was taken in Sydney, Australia. There were 1,010 women wearing bikinis.

First formalized bathing costume – This was not actually a piece of clothing but a piece of architecture, which is a bathing machine that lets a fully clothed woman to enter the sea privately. This was invented in 1753 by a Quaker.

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