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Synthetic Urine – Who Invented It & What For?

Generally, synthetic urine is used to pass the urine drug test. But its purpose should be for testing medical equipment. This was invented by a German scientist. It contains almost 95% of water and 5% of creatinine and other chemicals.

Synthetic Urine – What Is It?

synthetics-quickfix_2This is a synthesized substance that will simulate composition, appearance and chemical properties of human urine. It was generally used for calibration of urine screening equipment in laboratories. Aside from this and for passing drug tests, synthetic urine is also used today for various purposes such as testing diapers and urine therapy.

Synthetic Urine Vs. Human Urine

The composition of the human urine and synthetic urine is almost the same. It contains uric acid, creatinine, and inorganic components such as phosphates, sulfates, and ammonia. It also has the same specific gravity and pH. However, the temperature of human urine is different from that of synthetic. For those who wish to pass the drug test using the synthetic urine, they need to warm it up to a normal temperature. Also, they need to shake it so there will be bubble formation. Most importantly, you need to buy it from a reliable source to ensure its quality. Bear in mind that if you get caught for using fake urine in order to pass your drug test, this is considered as a criminal act.

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Facts And Figures On Mobile App Development And Usage

mobile app development dubaiWhat are mobile apps?
These are software applications developed and designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. You can get them through distributions platforms or what they call app stores.

Among the most popular app stores these days are: Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry App World. As of June 2015, the number of apps available for download on each app store is shown below:

Google Play – 1.6 million
Apple App Store – 1.5 million
Amazon Appstore – 400,000
Windows Phone Store – 340,000
BlackBerry App World – 130,000

Google Play tops the list offering its customers about 1.6 million range of applications and digital media. Android users have more options for free apps. In selected countries however, some apps are obtained for a price.

Mobile app usage worldwide is tremendously increasing every minute. The noted number of mobile apps downloads worldwide amounted to approximately 2.52 billion in 2009. It is expected to reach 268.69 billion in 2017.

In selected countries, the average mobile app download rate is 1.23 apps per 100 users. Asian countries have the most impressive app rate. Ranking with the highest app rate is Malaysia with about 4.64 app downloads.

Games are the most popular category in the app stores. This is followed by business apps, education, lifestyle, entertainment, etc.

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Fascinating Facts About Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are appliances using thread and fabric along with human guidance to sew textiles together. They replaced the time-consuming, hand sewing that was necessary in order to make clothes along with other furnishings. The invention of such appliance significantly changed the clothing industry because clothes now are made easily and fast.

The Invention Of Sewing Machines

Sewing MachineIn 1790, the first patent for sewing machines was given to Thomas Saint of England. In the 1840s and 1850s, Elias Howe from the United States significantly improved the early designs of sewing machines. And on September 10, 1846, he was granted a US patent for his invention.

Howe’s invention allowed machinist to sew in an hour what had previously taken 14.5 hours. His innovations included a needle treaded at its point, an automatic feed, and a shuttle to form a lock stitch.

The production of sewing machines began in the 1850s, with the first saleable machines being those made by Isaac Singer. They were actually used commercially.

It was in the 1860s that sewing machines were first purchased by the general public. By 1863, the Singer Manufacturing Company was already selling about 20,000 machines annually for home use.

In 1889, the first feasible electric sewing machine was invented. It was originally powered by a bulky motor. Nowadays, sewing machines in manufacturing plants utilize computer technology in order to create customized clothing with few human interventions.

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SEO 101: Most Common Social Media Sites For Your Business

MadlemmingsSEO is one of the best options when it comes to improving online businesses. With the right SEO service, you can boost traffic, increase sales and improve your reputation. This is possible by opting for the right SEO experts who know the right platform for your business. As of now, social networking sites have been important in SEO since it allows business owners to communicate and sell their services easily. Listed below are some of the most common social media sites for your business.


Images are the best option in order to provide information with regard your products. And, Pinterest is the best platform. By using this platform, you can present images and provide links to your site.


One of the most popular social media sites is Facebook. Facebook can provide you numerous options from creating a business page, communicating to your clients and even presenting your products.


Twitter can help your business with the use of tweets and re-tweets. In this way, your business can be presented by previous clients that can help you cut down your advertising expenses.


LinkedIn is one of the most trusted and authoritative social domains. By creating a LinkedIn profile for your business, you get a quality backlink to your website, as well as trusted citation.

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The Fundamental Building Blocks Of SEO

Hype MarketingSearch engine optimization is an important part of every online business. It helps a business or a website acquire good rankings on search engines. With the right techniques and strategies, SEO delivers long time results.

However, for those who are novice on how SEO works, it is easy to be deceived by companies who try to manipulate the search engine results, promising results in a short period of time.

Hence, as a beginner in this field, it is vital that you equip yourself with knowledge. Listed below are the most fundamental building blocks of search engine optimization, to help you understand the basic aspects of SEO.

Keywords and Labels

A keyword is a particular word or phrase in your web content that makes it possible for people to find you or your website through search engines like Google. In order to be visible in search results, you must use words and phrases that your target audience is using when they type into the search query/box. These keywords must be carefully selected and used strategically throughout your website and its content.

Accessibility and navigation

This means having a website that is designed to be user-friendly, as well as search engine friendly. Users must be able to access your website easily and navigate through it without encountering any issues. This also includes a website’s architecture, design, layout and technical format.

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Interesting Facts About A Typewriter

A typewriter is a machine that is capable of producing letters on paper if the user will strike a key which will force a steep type to hit a ribbon and transfer ink from such ribbon to the paper. Who invented such machine?

Evolution Of Typewriter

TypewriterMany attempts were actually made by various individuals in order to come up with a functional typewriter. It was in 1714 that the first type of typewriter but the very first working typewriter was invented by Pellegrino Turri in 1808.

Christopher Latham Sholes, known as the father of typewriter, was the main inventor of the Sholes & Glidden typewriter. This machine typed only in capital letters. It actually introduced the QWERTY keyboard. However, this machine had limited success. It was followed by the Remington which soon became popular within the industry.

In 1980, people began to stop using typewriters because computers slowly start to take over the market.

World’s Fastest Typist

As of 2005, the world’s fastest typist listed on the Guinness Book of Records is Barbara Blackburn. Using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard, she can actually type 150 words a minute for 50 minutes. But for shorter periods, she can type 170 words per minute. In fact, 212 words per minute is her fastest recorded speed, even with the fact that she failed her typewriting exams at school.

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White Hat SEO VS Black Hat SEO

Peak-OnlineIncreasing traffic, providing content and improving rankings are some of the things SEO services can provide. SEO services also help improve your brand’s awareness which can help attract potential clients online. As a business owner, it is best to look for a reliable SEO service. Unfortunately, there are two major SEO, the White Hat and the Black Hat SEO. Listed below are some of the differences of these two SEO options.

White Hat SEO

•    White hat SEO uses techniques and methods in improving the search engine rankings of a website that does not run afoul of search engine guidelines.
•    White Hat SEO techniques include high quality content development, website HTML optimization and restructuring, link acquisition campaigns.
•    White hat SEO is a steady technique. However, results can be hard long to experience but, can provide a lasting growth in rankings.

Black Hat SEO

•    Black Hat SEO on the contrary uses the weaknesses in the search engine algorithms to obtain high rankings. Because of this, techniques and methods used in this SEO are in direct conflict with search engine guidelines.
•    Black Hat SEO includes link spam, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, and hidden links.
•    Black Hat SEO can provide you with fast results but, results can be unpredictable and will only last for a short time.

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Most Common SEO Tools

HypeMarketingWhen improving traffic in your website and creating backlinks, it is important that you know what must be done to make this task more successful. Therefore, it is best that you make use of SEO tools to help you make better decisions. To help you choose the best SEO tools in improving your online reputation, listed below are some of the most common and effective SEO tools you can use.

Majestic SEO

This is by far one of the best free tools you can use to examine your profile. Majestic SEO offers a powerful link analysis tool that crawls the entire web, logs and makes the link data available to you.

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is available on multiple browsers, including Chrome. This tool shows data on traffic, links, social shares and on-page keyword optimization.

Google Trends

Google Trends shows changes in search query volume for specific queries.

Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster tools helps you monitor and configure how Google is treating your site.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most valuable SEO data tool which helps you understand your visitors and how they interact with your site.

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Facts And Figures In The History Of Digital Marketing By Marketing Agency In Perth

canstockphoto0092020Did you know that the term digital marketing was first used first in the 90’s? The term is interchangeably used with web marketing, online marketing, or internet marketing.

With birth of digital media, the advertising and marketing world was opened with a lot of new opportunities and avenues. Here are some noted facts and figures in the history of digital marketing.

  • In 2003, the first Mobile SMS commercial appears. On the same year, the center of the social networking universe was My Space with users reaching 100 million in 2006. This was also the time when Internet advertising started to increase by 21% year after year.
  • 2004 was the year when Facebook was open to universities and colleges. Gmail was also introduced. These days there are millions of users have Facebook and Gmail accounts.
  • In 2005, billion users logs on to the Internet. This is also the year when YouTube tunes in. Internet advertising breaks its record to 34% increase.
  • As of the beginning of 2006, BlogPulse noted that there were about 182,397,015 discovered blogs. This is also the year that Twitter was launched.
  • In 2007, iPhone changes everything.
  • It is also interesting to know that out of the $21.2 billion in Internet ad revenues, 41% was accounted for search revenue. The following year, Search continues to get Internet advertising share of about 46% from the $23.4 billion pie.
  • Mobile advertising in 2010 brings in approximately $650 million.
  • In 2011, eCommerce sales top $200 billion and 34% of all display ads were from social networking publishers.

Digital marketing continues to create its mark in history. Look forward to what happens next!

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The Most Common Types Of Beauty Products

DiaryofabeautybankerWhen it comes to women, physical appearance is very important wherever they go, may it be a simple gathering with friends or perhaps a romantic dinner with their partner. With this said, almost all women invest in different types of beauty products that can cater to their needs. To provide you with a short list of these products, listed below are the common types of beauty products.

Facial beauty products – There are numerous kinds of facial products. One of the most commonly used is face packs. These are mainly used to cleanse the skin and make it silkier and smoother. These face packs are commonly made from herbs, plant extracts, fruit and vegetable extracts. Some women also make use of facial waxes and even facial wash.

Skin care products – Skin care products are also widely used by women in order to improve their complexion or perhaps make their skin smoother. Some of the most commonly used products by women are sunscreens, hair removal creams and even whitening lotions.

Hair care beauty products – Other than the face and the skin, the hair is also one of the most important parts for a woman’s body. Therefore, women also make use of different types of hair care products from shampoos, smoothening creams and oils. Some women even opt for hair treatments such as rebonding and also hair colouring to ensure that their hair can complement their looks.

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