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Ice Skating Facts And Information

In 1896, the first World Figure Skating Championships was held at St. Petersburg, Russia. Only four competitors participated in the event and Gilbert Fuchs won the title.

In 1924, figure skating became competitive sports in the Olympics. This was held in France.

The 3 major move categories for figure skating are jumps, spins and field movements.


  • Jumps include salchow, toe loop, loop, lutz, flip
  • The power jump is the bunny hop. The name was just changed.
  • The most basic jump is the waltz jump. Students often start with this jump.
  • Toe loop garners the least points out of all the jumps.


  • Spins include layback, sit spin, camel spin, back spin
  • Spinning is the most energy expending actions on ice. A spin is said to be complete with 6 or more revolutions.

Field movements include spread eagle, inna bower, spiral, footwork

Some Names

  • Ludwina – the patron saint of skaters.
  • Midori Ito – the first female to land a triple axle in competition. This was in the early 90’s.
  • Tara Lipinski – the youngest woman to ever win an Olympic gold medal.
  • Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean – ice dancing pair who has received the most ‘6.0’s in world history
  • Ulrich Salchow – the first Men’s Singles Olympic Gold Medalist. He was also the first man to complete the jump which was thereafter named for him.

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Some Facts About The City Of Boston

When visiting a certain place, it is very helpful to know some facts and interesting trivia to fully enjoy your stay. When planning to visit Boston, learn a few things about the place and enjoy what the city has to offer. Check out some facts about the city of Boston below.

– The deepest tunnel in North America called the Ted Williams Tunnel is located in Boston.

– It was in Boston when two thieves pose as policemen to steal 12 paintings worth $100 million collectively. This is the largest art theft in US history.

– Boston’s original name was Shawmut. It was the local Native Americans who named the place.

– It was in Boston where the first college (Harvard) in North America was established.

– Boston’s official dessert is the Boston Cream Pie dessert at the Omni Parker House.

So there you go, some facts about Boston. If you are planning to visit the place in the coming days, make sure to do a little research as to the best hotels to stay and the best places to check out.

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All About Pipelines

Pipelines are now used almost in every field – transportation, oil and gas industry, construction and even in some hotels. There are really a lot of uses of pipelines. However, it is most seen in oil and gas companies. It is mainly for the transport of crude and petroleum in many other gas and oil outlets. Although it can also be used for transporting other fluids such as water, beer, slurry and sewage, pipelines are very important for businesses which are supplying oil and gas in many different places in the world.

Usually, these pipelines are made from stainless steel and/or plastic tubes. Some pipelines are above the ground but most of them are buried for a reason. These pipelines are connected to a pump at the other side of the line. These lines make the transporting of fluids fast and easy.

Even those that are very distant from the source can take advantage of these pipelines. However, proper care and maintenance should be implemented to avoid accidents. Pipeline inspections are therefore a must.

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Secrets To An Improved Dental Health

When it comes to dental health, many people really find it hard to maintain stronger and whiter teeth and healthy gums. Most of the time, they go to their dentists even for simple dental issues. Although it is indeed advisable to pay your dentist a visit every once in a while, it is also smart to know some things that will help you improve your dental and/or oral health.

– Eat foods that are rich in calcium. As you know, your teeth are made up of calcium and a low level of calcium in your body will surely affect your oral health.

– Aside from brushing your teeth which is a very usual routine after meals, flowing is equally important. Many people seems to take this for granted but flossing is actually very helpful in keeping the area between your teeth clean, hence, avoiding cavities and foul smell.

– Make use of your saliva. Saliva is one very effective agent in combating bacteria in your mouth. Hence, choose the types of food that helps you produce more saliva like lemons, cranberries and limes.

These are only three secrets to improve your dental health. Talk to your dentist for more of these tips.

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Interesting Facts About Pataskala Ohio

Pataskala Ohio RealtorPataskala is one of the 5 cities in Ohio, the Licking County in the USA.

Did you know that Pataskala is derived from a Delaware Indian term which means ‘Licking River’? Pataskala was first known as The Village of Conine before 1851. These 2,000 acres of the land was purchased by Richard Conine, the “Father of Pataskala”. He and his wife visited this area in 1805 but it was in 1821 that they have settled here permanently.

It was on January 19, 1997 that Pataskala gained the status of a city.

Pataskala and nearby Attractions

•    Blacklick Woods Metro Park
•    Granville Historical Society Museum
•    Great Circle Earthworks
•    Franklin Park Conservatory

Community Reinvestment Areas
To stabilize the subject neighbourhoods, encourage new private section investment as well as property revitalization, increase economic development activity, and stimulate job creation, the CRA or Community Reinvestment Areas in the city of Pataskala is created. The four areas are:

•    Pataskala Old Village
•    Pataskala Columbia Center
•    Pataskala Summit Station-Gateway
•    Pataskala Corporate Park

For qualified residential and commercial property improvements that are related to the renovation of existing or construction of new buildings within these designated areas, you should know that property tax incentives for investment are provided.

For property buying and selling in the area, get in touch with Pataskala Ohio Realtor.

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Most Expensive Vacation Resorts In The World

WigwamArizonaVacationing is a wonderful activity every member of the family can enjoy. However, planning a vacation can be expensive. Expenses can get even worse if you plan to have a vacation in one of the world’s most expensive resorts. Listed below are some of the following.

Grand Resort Lagonissi

Located at Athens, Greece; the Grand Resort Lagonissi is known to be the most expensive hotel in the world costing $6,040/night. Eventually, you will be satisfied with the services since you have your own private butler, chef and pianist.

Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is also known to be one of the most expensive resorts in the world. Sleeping in this resort for a night will cost you $3,533. But, before you enter the resort, you are welcomed with fireworks from the bridge to announce your arrival.

St. Regis Resort Bora Bora

Booking for an accommodation in St. Regis Bora Bora will cost you $2,818. Fortunately, you can enjoy a fun dive in a saltwater private lagoon full of native stingrays.

Little Palm Island

The Little Palm Island is located at Little Torch Key, Florida. Reserving a night can cost you $1,251. Apart from that, the island is only reachable by boat or seaplane. And, this island is not ideal for techy individuals since there are no TVs in the rooms and cellphones are not permitted in public areas.

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Pilot Salaries Around The World

Pilot Salaries Around The WorldEarning potential is one essential factor to look for when considering a potential career. When it comes to being a pilot, determining the actual salary can sometimes be confusing as there are different numbers you can see on the Web.

Pilot salary however varies in each country and is also affected depending on the company and the level of experience. Those at major airlines enjoy strong salaries and good benefits.

Pilots are also hourly employees. They get paid by the flight hour. Governing authorities usually place constraints on the maximum number of work hours per month.

  • In the US, pilots at regional airlines can expect to earn between $28,000 and $121,000 a year while those at major airlines can earn between $73,000 and $350,000 a year.
  • In Canada, pilot salary could be from CA$28,120 to CA$181,062. This varies in different regions as well.
  • In the UK, the median pilot salary is about 55,658 pounds, basic could be from 29,042 to 101,388 pounds.
  • In Australia, pilots are earning an average of AU$94,500. Starting salary could be about AU$70,000 while seniors could be paid about AU$109,000.
  • In New Zealand, median airline pilot salary could be NZ$70,000. Trainees can earn NZ$80,000, qualified pilots can earn about NZ$92,000, and captains can earn as high as NZ$300,000 in a year.
  • In South Africa, an airline pilot can have a salary from R151, 000 to R1, 175,000. Rates could go higher as your years of experience increases. Expected salaries for those who gain 10 to 19 years of experience is about R246, 000 to R564, 000.

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What You Need To Know About Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are a lot these days. Most shipping companies actually have a huge number of these containers stored or even just left outside their business areas. And because of this, some people have developed an idea of using these shipping containers for various purposes especially for business. If you are interested about these containers, you might want to know some facts about them.

– The lifespan of these containers is over 20 years.
– Only 5% of these shipping containers are being inspected once they are inside a shipping vessel.
– There are at least 17 million shipping containers as of today.
– More than 90% of these containers are made in China.
– Shipping containers have standard shapes and sizes.
– The first shipping container was made in the United States by Malcolm Mc Lean, a trucker.

Today, shipping containers are already very popular mainly because they are used for a variety of purposes such as storage facilities, portable stores and even customized houses.

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Interesting Facts About Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Mental HealthNeuro-Linguistic Programming can be broken down into 3 different words – neuro, linguistic, and programming. Neuro will refer to the brain and neural network which feeds into the brain. Linguistic will refer to the content that will move across and through such pathways. And programming is the manner by which the content or signal is being manipulated in order to convert it into very useful information.

The Development Of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

In the early 1970s, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP was developed by a linguistic and information scientist at the University of California at Santa Cruz. By modelling human behavior, John Grinder and Richard Bandler were able to make out patterns of thinking that helped in the subject’s success. They theorized that the brain can learn the healthy patterns as well as behaviors, and that this will result to positive physical and emotional effects. Neuro-Linguistic Programming indeed emerged from their work.

How It Works

The neuro linguistic therapist will analyze each word and phrase you use in describing your health concerns. She will examine your facial expressions along with your body movements. After identifying your perception, the therapist will assist you in understanding the root cause. The therapist will guide you in remodeling your thoughts and mental associations with an aim of fixing your preconceived notions. In other words, she will help you get out of your unhealthy traits and replace them with positive thoughts and patterns that will greatly help in promoting health and wellness.

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The Importance Of An Attestation In Legal Documents

When it comes to legal matters, it is very important to bear a solid evidence or proof. Any document bearing a very important matter needs to be authenticated in order to make sure or confirm its legality. This is when an attestation is needed.

Attestation is simply defined as a verification of something in writing. It is also defined as the act of bearing witness. This is usually needed when you need something to be authenticated to be used as a valid or legal document. Some people know this more commonly as notarization.

This act of certifying, validating, verifying and authenticating a document is very important when submitting certain papers to a legal establishment such as a school, a government branch or any business. This is also used when you need to support claims that need legal proofs.

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