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Interesting Roof Facts

Roofing-Contractor-AdelaideRoof is the overhead covering of a building, which includes its supporting framework. The flat roof is characteristic of arid countries such as Egypt. In fact, most modern buildings have this kind of roof. In Roman and Greek architecture, the pitch is slight; however, in Gothic architecture, it might become very steep.

The gable roof slopes upward from opposite walls to the apex or ridge. On the other hand, a hipped roof slopes upward from all 4 sides. A gamble roof, which is usually seen on barns, has 2 slopes to either side of the ridge, the upper of slight pitch, or the lower one steeper. Roofs are commonly sheathed in shingles, either wood or artificial, but might be covered with slate, tile, sheet metal, or thatch.

Roofing Facts

Roofing is the material used to cover a roof and helps keep the house protected from the weather. In northern climates, roofing materials are carefully chosen in order to resist snow and rain. In hot climates, on the other hand, they shield the house from the sun’s rays.

The most commonly used roofing material is asphalt shingle because of its low costs and the ease with which is can be applied. Wood shingles and shakes, often made of red cedar, are used on expensive properties but not in crowded places because of the danger from fire. Large buildings usually make use of metal roofs of copper, lead, or terne because these materials are durable.

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