infinity swimming pool

Interesting Facts About Infinity Pools

swimming-pool-1737173_960_720Infinity pools are also known as negative-, vanishing-, disappearing-, and zero-edge pools. They appeal to just drop off into the horizon on a certain edge, resulting to a seemingly infinitely extending horizon.

With an infinity pool, an ordinary spot can be transformed into an oasis. The fading edge turns the entire pool into a kind of mirror for the scenery.

How To Create The Infinity Effect

An infinity pool will feature 1 or more walls coming to water level instead of above it. These walls will slope downward away from the pool, which creates that tranquil waterfall effect.

Where does the water go? The overflowing water falls into a catch pool, a basin sitting beneath the vanishing edge. From here, the water will be pumped backed into the main pool. But there are different components that the infinity has to make the view stunning.

View – The vanishing edge must be properly positioned so that you cannot see the catch pool from the prime viewing spots.

The depth of the basin – The catch pool must be deep enough to accumulate all the spillover water. But this should not be so deep that the water level is always low.

Water pump – The catch pool must have its own pump and filter to make sure that the water keeps circulating into the main pool. The filter will make sure that the pool itself is debris-free.

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