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Little Known Restaurant Facts

restaurant-449952_960_720Did you know that “Restaurant” is a French term? This term was once used to refer to the rich bouillons served at public houses and taverns in France in order to relieve ailments and restore the spirits.

The concept of selling food to gain profit can be trace back to ancient civilizations, which include ancient China and Rome. Street vendors sold bread and wine. The earliest form of the modern day sit-down restaurant was the roadside inn. However, the menu choices were just chef’s choice and customers do not have a choice by to dine family style.

Other Facts About Restaurants

The invention of fine dining
Chefs who were employed by noble households during the French Revolution were out of job after Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette lost their heads. Plenty of these unemployed workers opened up their own establishments, offering meals to the masses. Eventually, this French style of dining spread to other parts of the world.

The largest restaurant in the world
Bawabet Dimashq Restaurant or Damascus Gate Restaurant in Syria is the world’s largest restaurant. It has 6,014 seats.

Most expensive burger
Today, there are plenty of expensive burgers today. The most expensive one is from Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. This burger costs $5000.

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