Some Mulch Facts You Must Know

service-landscaping-servicesMulching is a great way of saving money as well as conserving water supplies, which is the most precious resource today. Did you know that an average household will make use of 240,000 litres of water every year or about 5 times an average swimming pool? 36% of all household water is being used on gardens. Adding a mulching plan can help save up about 73% of what may be lost through evaporation.

Aside from saving water, mulching is also a fantastic weed suppressant. Indeed, this is the key to a low maintenance garden. The right selection of mulch will increase the level of nutrients in the soil.

Applying Mulch

Experts highly emphasized that mulch is very simple to apply. All you have to do is weed the garden bed, water and spread some mulch around. Bear in mind though to leave at least 10cm clearance around the plant’s base. After application, do not forget to water well. If you choose to use the mulch as a fertilizing agent, consider applying a nitrogen supplement as this will help in decomposition.

Be aware that the faster the mulch breaks down, the better it will be for the soil. But if long-term mulch is necessary, slower decomposition is a better option.

Did you know that things will break down based on the carbon/nitrogen ratio? If the carbon to nitrogen ratio is lower, the materials will be broken down faster and the nutrients will be released to the soil instantly. Such levels can be estimated by merely looking at the mulch. If the structure is denser, it means that it contains higher carbon level and it will take a bit longer for it to be broken down.

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Some Amazing Facts About Trees And Forests

tree-service-ada-ok-300x218Trees are very incredible. They can live for plenty of years as well as grow hundreds of meters tall. All species on the planet owe their existence to them.

Some Amazing Facts About Trees And Forests

Largest Land Habitat on the Planet – This is the Boreal forest or otherwise known as Taiga. It runs across northern USA and Canada, southern Iceland, across Finland, Norway, and Sweden, through Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia and northern Japan. This region has experienced dramatic temperature increases.

Largest Tree-Dwelling Mammal – This are the orangutans. As compared to other primates, they spend most of their time in the trees rather than on the ground. They actually build tree nests to sleep in. Also, they make use of sticks to probe logs for honey.

World’s Largest Tree – This is called Hyperion, a coast redwood from California that measures 115.61m tall. But when it comes to volume, the world’s largest tree is the General Sherman, a giant sequoia that has a 10m trunk and an estimated 1486 cubic metres of wood.

The Trembling Giant – This is a colony of quaking aspen trees, also known as Pando. This group of trees is a single organism and is connected by a single massive root system. Pando is also believed to be approximately 80,000 years old.

Did you know that the forests are the lungs of the planet? They play a huge role in establishing global climate as they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

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Fascinating Concrete Facts You Must Know

hi-build-enduro-300x300Concrete is the most useful material in the world when it comes to volume. It can be poured into place as a liquid but it hardens to resemble a material such as natural rock, which makes it the perfect building material.

Historical Facts About Concrete

Ancient Egypt originally made use of concrete as an infill material for the pyramids.

The ancient Romans, on the other hand, were the first to use concrete as a building material. Builders have mixed water, lime and volcanic ash – they called this “pozzolana”. They actually built the Pantheon using concrete. Up to now, Pantheon is still the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world.

In 1874, an Englishman working as a bricklayer tried his best to create his own cement. After plenty of trials and errors, he was able to make cement for which he received a patent. He called this “Portland Cement” since the color was the same with quarried stone from the Isle of Portland off the English coast.

Concrete ears or sound mirrors are huge concrete dishes that were built during the WWII in order to detect any approaching aircraft. Microphones were suspended at the dishes’ focal points.

Today, most construction company are making use of scented form release agents in order to impart a pleasant smell in concrete – bubble gum being the most famous.

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Interesting Facts About Speed Dating

The concept of speed dating was created by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo and his students in Los Angeles in 1998. This was a way to help Jewish singles to meet and get married.

Speed Dating – What You Must Know About It?

couple-1845620_960_720Speed dating is considered the new version of the singles mixer. The organizers are gathering together single people in a single room. In a room, 2 circles will be set up – the men on one circle and the woman on the other.

A timer will be set and every person exchanges pieces of information with one another. When there is a connection, a phone number or a business card can be exchanged before the buzzer sounds.

The speed dating’s premise is very simple. When the first pair has had a certain amount of time, the horn is blown and each participant moves to his or her right. The process will begin once again. When the men and women made a complete circle, the event is done.

The amount of time spent with every person is the downside of this method of dating. The entire concept goes with the idea of first impressions and gut instincts. You will just be given around 3 minutes to decide if you want to give out your personal details and contact number.

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Interesting Wine Facts

15589723_1833848866852908_6208676513831096961_nDid you know where the custom of bumping glasses with a “cheers” came from? This actually came from old Rome where they make use of this method in order to make sure that no one is trying to poison the other. Bumping the glasses will make the drink spill from one cup to the other. This was also being practiced by the ancient Greece – the host will drink first to show his guests that he doesn’t intend to poison them.

Ancient Egypt did not like wine. The old kings don’t drink wine because they believe that the red alcoholic beverage is the blood of men who tried to fight the gods and failed. Hence, Egyptians believed that drinking alcohol makes people act irrational.

Do you know who the world’s champion of recognizing wind by smell is? It is Richard Juhlin who is a sport ed from Sweden. In 2003, he was able to recognized 43 wines out of 50. The second place just recognized 4 of them.

Do you know what Oenophobia means? This is a term used to describe people who have wine phobia. Indeed, they do exist. This phobia causes them a lot of suffering, most especially when they go out to dining establishments a lot.

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Mind-Blowing Facts About Our Furry Friends

petsWhen it comes down to it, how much do we really know about our furry little friends at home? Aside from the common things like their preferred food, favorite spot at home, and where they usually want us to scratch them, there are actually a lot more mystery about our pets that we are yet to fully understand. Here are some quirky and mind-blowing facts that you probably don’t know related to our beloved pet dog and cat.

  • Dogs can understand up to 250 words as well as gestures, and can count up to five. An average dog is as intelligent as a two-year-old child
  • Cats are capable of about 100 distinct vocalizations while dogs are only capable of about ten.
  • Like a human’s finger print, both dogs’ and cats’ noses are unique. You can even take nose prints in case the get stolen or lost.
  • A cat is one of the animals that walk with their left front leg moves in tandem with their left black leg. The other animals that walk this way is giraffes and camels.

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Some Interesting Snow Facts

service-snow-removalSnow is not white but translucent. This means that light can’t pass through it easily. Rather, light it being reflected. It is actually the light reflected off the faceted surface of the snowflake that creates its white appearance.

People see snow as white because some wavelengths of light are being absorbed while others are reflected. Due to the fact that the snow is composed of so many tiny surfaces, the light that hits it is scattered in different directions. The light bounces around from one surface to the next.

Other Snow Facts

Did you know that there are other forms of snow aside from snowflakes? These are graupel and sleet. Graupel, otherwise known as snow pellets, is opaque ice particles that are formed when ice crystals fall through freezing cloud droplets. On the other hand, sleet consists of rain drops that freeze into translucent, small balls of ice as they fall from the sky.

Is it true that no 2 snowflakes are the same? This is a myth. A scientist found 2 identical snow crystals in 1988. They came from a storm in Wisconsin.

Do you know the size of the largest snowflake? It is actually 15 inches wide. This fell during a snowstorm in January 1887 at Montana’s Fort Keogh.

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Interesting Facts About Your Yard Staple – Grass

grassIf you have ever left your house before, then you would have already seen grass. Most of us can’t so much as leave the house or look outside the window without ever seeing the lovely yard staple which is the grass. And since these are what most of us see in a day to day basis, you may not have thought about it too much. However, there are actually some interesting facts about grass that you may not know.

  • Grasslands are estimated to make up over 20% of Earth’s vegetation.
  • Grasses can be found in some of the foods and drinks we consume. This includes beer, whiskey, and bread which are in the form of wheatgrass and barley.
  • The largest variety of grass can grow up to 151 feet tall – the Giant bamboo
  • A 2,500 square foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four.
  • The grass producing industry has become a multimillion dollar business due to the high demand of artificial grass for places such as sports arenas.

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Infant Feeding Trends Over The Years

baby-105063__340Did you know that prior to the invention of feeding bottles and formula milk, the very first alternative to feeding infants is wet nursing? In fact, wet nursing even became a profession at one point in the past.

What is wet nursing?

Wet nursing is the practice of a woman breastfeeding another child. Back in the early 2000 BC, it was considered an alternative of need and evolved to being an alternative of choice over the years.

With the introduction of hygienic feeding bottles during the Industrial Revolution, wet nursing gradually became extinct.

What kind of feeding bottles were used in the past?

The use of feeding bottles, on the other hand, can be traced back to the ancient times. Evidence shows that various devices made from wood, ceramics, and even animal horns were used as bottles for feeding infants with milk of animals.

It was in 1851 when the first feeding bottles were actually created but remained unpopular. Various inventions for the teats or nipples have been heard around the world. Some were made from leather, others were made from cork, and the most popular where modern teats are derived is the rubber nipple which originated from India.

What are the components of the early forms of infant formula?

The first known formula milk in 1865 consisted of cow’s milk, wheat, malt flour, and potassium bicarbonate. Twenty years later, many kinds of infant formula became commercial products with basic ingredients that included carbohydrates, followed by the addition of other essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals.

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Three Main Ingredients Of A Fertilizer

fertilizerTaking care of your lawn requires time, money and effort. While this is true, having an excellent lawn with lush green, carpet-like grass perfect for afternoon relaxation or extracurricular activities with your kids is always rewarding.

One of the most basic lawn care maintenance practices which is fertilizing is practice that requires assistance from professionals. The following is an important fact you need to know about fertilizers.

Fertilizers have three numbers prominently listed on the package, and these numbers are important in telling a great deal about what fertilizers will do.

Nitrogen – helps with plant growth above ground. It promotes green leafy growth of foliage, and provides the necessary ingredients in producing lush green lawns.

Phosphorous – establishes growth below ground – the roots. It helps improve the health of the root systems as well as promotes the flower bloom and fruit production.

Potassium – helps in the overall plant health. It has the ability to build strong cells within the plant tissue that allows plants to withstand various stresses such as heat, cold, pests, and diseases.

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